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  3. 3. Education is the process of transmission of knowledge and habits.
  4. 4. Our education system offers infantile, primary and secondary education; Bachillerato , higher education (university) and vocational education. The students that we know often choose vocational education.
  5. 5. -Infantile education: from 3 to 5 years old. -Primary education: from 6 to 12 years old. -Secondary education: from 13 to 16 years old. -Bachillerato: from 16 to 18 years old. -Higher education: from 18 to 23-24 years old. -Vocational education: Higher: from 18 to 20-21 years old. Lower: from 16 to 19-20 years old. In Moraleda there is one infantile, one primary and one secondary school.
  6. 6. In our schools, the new technologies that appear are: -Computers -TIC resources -Laptops -Printers
  7. 7. But a lot of people don't take advantage of that. They give up studying and they give up their dreams... In our place the people who give up studying usually become farmers.
  8. 8. Our education system is wonderful, but when it comes to education, Spain has one of the worst marks in Europe. 0.1
  9. 9. We like that we have to stay at school from 3 to 16 (not until 14 like in the past) and we can learn more things... Society values a person who has qualifications because he/she can contribute more to society.
  10. 10. We think that our parents have a lower level of education in comparison to us (and our grandparents too), but we still think that they are wise people.
  11. 11. In our opinion education works in our country, but it can by improved by the respct between teachers and pupils.
  12. 12. For many people these items are in the following order: -Education -Health -Money -Social status -Others ______________________________ Education gives us: -Work -Social status -Money -Culture -Others _______________________________ In our opinion the education system is changing in technology: Laptops, printers, scanners... The thing that we like more is laptops. In class we can work with new tecnologies.
  13. 13. We think that the teacher's explanation, textbooks, and TIC resources allow a student to adquire more contents. The education method with which we learn more is with the theorical-practical method, because you learn things and we can practice them. The society valuesº more a person with a lot of qualifications that someone with a lot of money because he or she can offer things to society.
  15. 15. The next transparencies are the results of different tests.
  16. 16. Personality When we do the test it says that we are students (and we are... students).
  17. 17. Which song are you? When we do the test it says that we like rock songs.
  18. 18. What animal are you? Relation with enviroment When we do the test it tells us that we are like a lion
  19. 19. What weather are you? When we do the test it says that we are a hurricane
  20. 20. The weather in Andalusia today WEATHER
  21. 22. By:José Miguel Romera, José Manuel González and David Moya