Family unit


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Family unit

  1. 1. Family unit
  2. 2. In our region families are constituted by the father, the mother, the children and the grandparents who take care of the children when parents cannot. (Normally grandparents live in their own house)
  3. 3. Some time ago, families had many children, but now families usually have only one or two children. Parents decide to have children and get married when they are 20 or 30 years old. People marry in the church.
  4. 4. In the family the father works out and the mother does the housework. Today the two member of the pair work, thought in some cases only one, usually the father, works. (housewives and unemployed people)
  5. 5. Some families are single-parents, this is because there are problems between the parents. The number of divorced people in our area is very numerous and the children usually stay with their mother.
  6. 6. Surnames are organized in our area: first the father's surname and after the mother's surname. For example: -father: Jose Gálvez Terrón -mother: Mónica Pérez Gonzalez -daughter: Daniela Gálvez Pérez
  7. 7. By: P aco A riza L ópez Á ngela J iménez C antón A lba M ª N avarro N aranjo