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Youth unemployment


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Youth unemployment

Published in: Education
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Youth unemployment

  1. 1. Une Unemployment Youth unemployment in France is above 26%, more than double the national rate. On deprived urban estates and in certain rural areas, youth unemployment tops 40%..
  2. 2. The employment rate among French youth aged 20/24 hasn’t dropped below 16% in almost 30 years, suggesting that an entire generation has been affected by high unemployment.
  3. 3. Where can I go? Pôle Emploi (which means « employment centre ») operates the center, assists jobseekers in finding placements and ensures benefits are paid. It also has a website service for jobseekers to review job vacancies or CVs .
  4. 4. Unemployment benefit • The conditions for receiving benefits are quite complex and depend on individual’s circumstances and age.
  5. 5. However, one criteria is that the employee must have worked at least 122 days out of the previous 28 months and not have left employment of their own free will. Young people who have finished compulsary education need to go the center to registrate so they continue to benefit from social cover.
  6. 6. Unemployed youth is the central promise of the present government to create state-aided jobs for young people. « Jobs for the Future” aims to create 100,000 jobs this year, rising to 150,000 next year, targeted at people between 16 and 25 who have no qualifications and are from urban or rural areas badly hit by unemployment. The state will pay 75% of the young person's gross wage for three years. The jobs will be mostly in the public service and non-commercial sector, principally linked to local authorities as well as the voluntary sector, transport and education. "generation contracts" is a state financial aid given to companies with fewer than 300 employees if they give a permanent contract to someone under 26.
  7. 7. Who can I talk to? Clerks give informations, help fill in information sheets and give advices to registre as a job seeker on the website.
  8. 8. Is anyone there? The office is opened 5 days a week. But hours are flexible. Job seekers mainly find all informations on the website and visit the center in case of a particular problem.
  9. 9. Education: GRETA Who may be concerned? Young adults who aren’t students anymore Main missions: accommodate and direct adults help with the definition of the project set up the definite formations and services Principal services: carry out assessments develop competences form with foreign languages help with professionnel reconversion