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Tarot Suites: Struggle of the Swords


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Swords have two sides of the blades and represent the mind which solves complex problems but can also be a source of conflict and destruction and is to be used carefully. It is a great power that can be used for either good or ill.

In other words, Swords deal with cold rationality that often leads you to take uncompromising actions with courage. However, the most brilliant mind can get into (or even provoke) a lot of trouble when not balanced by spirit and feeling.

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Tarot Suites: Struggle of the Swords

  1. 1. Tarot Suites: Struggle of the Swords from
  2. 2. Ace of Swords
  3. 3. Ace of Swords A way to resolve a complex situation presents itself. You start towards the promised solution.
  4. 4. Two of Swords
  5. 5. Two of Swords You are stuck deciding between two contradicting paths; a tough decision.
  6. 6. Three of Swords
  7. 7. Three of Swords You move on, yet the consequences of your decision are painful. Some options are now lost forever.
  8. 8. Four of Swords
  9. 9. Four of Swords It may be best to restrain from action. You charge your batteries and prepare for the conflict that’s coming.
  10. 10. Five of Swords
  11. 11. Five of Swords You have won this confrontation. However, you begin to realize that each victory is at the same time someone else’s defeat.
  12. 12. Six of Swords
  13. 13. Six of Swords Your path is clear now. You move on, but without any joy; the price was huge.
  14. 14. Seven of Swords
  15. 15. Seven of Swords The course everyone expects you to take is not for you. On your own, you go for the alternative.
  16. 16. Eight of Swords
  17. 17. Eight of Swords A tough situation with seemingly no way out. Unless you open your eyes and see things as they really are.
  18. 18. Nine of Swords
  19. 19. Nine of Swords Your goal is in reach, but worries and doubts are killing you. Confront your fears and take the last step.
  20. 20. Ten of Swords
  21. 21. Ten of Swords The long struggle is over, one way or the other. It is the moment for calm reflection and learning your lessons.
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