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Tarot Suites: Fulfillment of the Cups


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Cups represent your emotions; basically your love life and relationships with other people. Cups are related to the Water element so its actions are indirect but very powerful, and water always finds its way. Just like emotions.

In other words, Cups are associated with anything emotional, from marriage to personal possessions and concerns. This also covers anything relating to partnerships, whether in a work or personal context. The actions influenced by the Cups are very different compared to, let’s say, Swords direct-action approach.

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Tarot Suites: Fulfillment of the Cups

  1. 1. Tarot Suites: Fulfillment of the Cups from
  2. 2. Ace of Cups
  3. 3. Ace of Cups A new beginning, like an emerging river. Even though it’s still small, you know that nothing can stop it.
  4. 4. Two of Cups
  5. 5. Two of Cups A deep connection full of the hope and promise of future harmony and balance.
  6. 6. Three of Cups
  7. 7. Three of Cups You are happy with what you now have and eager to enjoy even more good things that are bound to come.
  8. 8. Four of Cups
  9. 9. Four of Cups You have started to take everything for granted. Everything looks great, but nothing seems to make you happy any more.
  10. 10. Five of Cups
  11. 11. Five of Cups Finally, you decide to move on. You mourn what could have been and are disappointed with both yourself and others
  12. 12. Six of Cups
  13. 13. Six of Cups The past comes back to your aid and you gain your balance and inner harmony once again.
  14. 14. Seven of Cups
  15. 15. Seven of Cups It’s time to cease building castles in the air. Some of life’s choices are revealed for what they really are.
  16. 16. Eight of Cups
  17. 17. Eight of Cups Your energy has been drained by stagnation. You leave the illusion of happines and move on into the unknown.
  18. 18. Nine of Cups
  19. 19. Nine of Cups Your goal is in reach, you are self-aware and confident. Everyone around you is strengthened by balance and harmony you
  20. 20. Ten of Cups
  21. 21. Ten of Cups You remember everything that has led to this moment and consciously enjoy your dreams coming true.
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