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Tarot Flashcards: Wands Suite


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Cards of each tarot suite follow each other. They make a logical progression that is the easiest way to memorize the cards.

Use this deck to learn the Wands suite: read the short story, then use it as flashcards to make it stick.

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Tarot Flashcards: Wands Suite

  1. 1. Tarot Flashcards: Wands from
  2. 2. Ace of Wands
  3. 3. Ace of Wands A great idea (Ace of Wands) sparks your ambition, like a burning desire.
  4. 4. Two of Wands
  5. 5. Two of Wands Different possibilities (Two of Wands) excite you. You stop and think how to proceed.
  6. 6. Three of Wands
  7. 7. Three of Wands You put everything in motion (Three of Wands) and ensure the events bring you closer to your goal.
  8. 8. Four of Wands
  9. 9. Four of Wands You enjoy tangible results (Four of Wands) but you know you can’t revel in them for too long and must go on.
  10. 10. Five of Wands
  11. 11. Five of Wands You feel attacked from all sides (Five of Wands). Others don’t agree with your actions.
  12. 12. Six of Wands
  13. 13. Six of Wands You win the support to go on (Six of Wands); but it's too early to enjoy your victory. Be sure to keep your focus.
  14. 14. Seven of Wands
  15. 15. Seven of Wands Opposition hinders you (Seven of Wands). You have to prevail and defend what is yet to come.
  16. 16. Eight of Wands
  17. 17. Eight of Wands Your path is blocked (Eight of Wands). Resolute action is needed, but you don't want to make a wrong move in haste.
  18. 18. Nine of Wands
  19. 19. Nine of Wands You are battered and tired (Nine of Wands) on the very brink of success. To persevere, you need your last atom of strength.
  20. 20. Ten of Wands
  21. 21. Ten of Wands You reached your goal (Ten of Wands), but you have taken too much upon yourself. Doing everything alone, success becomes a burden.
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