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Tarot Major Arcana: the Fool's Journey


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Story of Major Arcana Tarot cards, in flashcards: from naive Fool to understanding the World.

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Tarot Major Arcana: the Fool's Journey

  1. 1. Fool’s Journey from
  2. 2. The Fool
  3. 3. The Fool You start the journey as a Fool, naive and carefree, excited by all the new experiences.
  4. 4. The Magician
  5. 5. The Magician In search of knowledge, you proceed as a Magician, manipulating the inanimate world around you and finding out the boundaries.
  6. 6. The High Priestess
  7. 7. The High Priestess Soon you realize that there are other kinds of knowing, and as a High Priestess, you start freeing your intuition. This doesn’t prove to be enough, though...
  8. 8. The Empress
  9. 9. The Empress You find that everything in nature has to be in balance. Through the mother stereotype, the Empress, you start to listen to the emotional world.
  10. 10. The Emperor
  11. 11. The Emperor Through father stereotype, Emperor, you discover authority and rules.
  12. 12. The Hierophant
  13. 13. The Hierophant Finally, you become interested in the mysteries of outer world. Through Hierophant you learn it’s ways and beliefs and how to become a part of it.
  14. 14. The Lovers
  15. 15. The Lovers A need arises for a deeper connection with others – Lovers. However, it proves difficult to find a balance between passion and reality.
  16. 16. The Chariot
  17. 17. The Chariot You become aware of your value and you are no longer a child. With Chariot, you take off alone into the wide world, decisive and self-confident. However, you are quickly forced to develop discipline and willpower.
  18. 18. Strength
  19. 19. Strength Soon, you confront your first real problems and challenges and you discover your inner Strength.
  20. 20. The Hermit
  21. 21. The Hermit This leads to a quest for answers. As a Hermit in isolation, you strive to understand all the whys and acquire a deeper understanding of the universe.
  22. 22. The Wheel of Fortune
  23. 23. The Wheel of Fortune Through the Wheel of Fortune, you accept fate as a legitimate factor in life and the whole universe. You begin to understand that your complete past creates the present.
  24. 24. Justice
  25. 25. Justice Finally, through Justice, you accept responsibility for your own life and realize that right now, your each and every tiniest action makes your future.
  26. 26. The Hanged Man
  27. 27. The Hanged Man You understand now that you have just scratched the surface. As a Hanged Man you look at the world from a reversed perspective.
  28. 28. Death
  29. 29. Death Transformation represented by Death begins, and you feel the whole life phase is painfully ending.
  30. 30. Temperance
  31. 31. Temperance You develop a strong inner balance, and through Temperance, you start to apply the newly discovered powers of moderation and flexibility.
  32. 32. The Devil
  33. 33. The Devil Through the Devil come painful confrontations with chains of your own dark depths.
  34. 34. The Tower
  35. 35. The Tower You free yourself of your own self-deceptions and ignorance only when your whole world is brought down, represented as the Tower.
  36. 36. The Star
  37. 37. The Star The goal is finally clear as a Star, and it gives you hope and faith to continue on calmly.
  38. 38. The Moon
  39. 39. The Moon But it’s not over yet; the last challenge is the Moon whose illusions seduce and confuse you so that you need to learn to discern illusion from truth.
  40. 40. The Sun
  41. 41. The Sun After the doubts and tricks of night, the Sun brings the crystal clarity and confidence of the day.
  42. 42. Judgement
  43. 43. Judgement Finally, you stop and take inventory of all that is behind you – a moment of Judgment. However hard won your experiences have been, you rise above your ego, your shortcomings and your limitations.
  44. 44. The World
  45. 45. The World You have successfully integrated all parts of yourself into a fully-complete and balanced whole. Through the World, you reach a new level of happiness and fulfillment. You are ready for a new journey.
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