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Modern style

Modern style through the masterpieces of Gaudí and Eisenstein.

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Modern style

  2. 2. PALACE OF CATALAN MUSIC MODERNISMModernism is the term designating astream of artistic innovation developed inthe late 19th and 20th century A new art, young, free and modern, that represented a break with the dominant styles of the time, both the academic tradition as the break through.Hyperbolas and parabolas in windows, arches,and doors are common, and decorativemouldings grow into plant-derived forms.
  3. 3. TOWN HALL OF PRAGUE MODERNISM CHARACTERISTICS• Nature (vegetals and rounded organic forms)• Curved lines and the asymmetry in decoration.• Stylization of the reasons, with less frequent representation strictly realistic.• Female images, waves, folds.• Sensuality & eroticism.• Freedom, exotic type reason, Japanese prints.• Organic type wraps.
  4. 4. ASTORGA‘ s EPISCOPAL PALACE ANTONI GAUDI•Spanish Catalan architect and figurehead of Catalan Modernism. Gaudísworks reflect his highly individual and distinctive style and are largelyconcentrated in the Catalan capital of Barcelona, notably his magnum opus, theSagrada Família.
  5. 5. Booties House in León ANTONI GAUDI• The style that most influenced him was the Gothic Revival.• Gothic to Gaudi was "imperfect" , it’d to be improved.• Gaudi leads modernism in its heyday in the years lying between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Modernism finds inspiration in the style of historicism.• Some essential features of modernism are:- Anti-classical language heir of romanticism.- Ornamental use of new materials.- Plastic effect of the whole, optimism and faith in progress.
  6. 6. Building at Strelnieku’ s road MIJAÍL EISENSTEIN• Graduated in Civil Engineering Institute.• Ministry of Interior.• Maintenance of roads and civil works in Latvia.• Germanic-Jewish Swedish origin.• Orthodox Church.• Mikhails wife, Yulia Ivanovna Konetskaya.• New couple in Riga.
  7. 7. Building at Elizabetes’ road MIJAÍL EISENSTEIN• Profession of architect. (19 buildings in Riga).• Jugendstil movement.• He spoke several languages.• Designs by Hector Guimard, Henry Sauvage gave name to this artistic movement.• Not all his works fall within Jugendstil.• Neoclassical style (before 1901).• Not care about interior design or distribution.• Focused on the decoration of facades and lobbies.• Recharged facades.• Symbolism.• Elizabetes, Alberta and Strelnieku of the Latvian capital were built between 1901 and 1906.
  8. 8. MODERNISMAntoni Gaudi