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Trabajo de ingles


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Es el trabajo de ingles, descripcion de famosos.

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Trabajo de ingles

  1. 1. This he is Jose Mourinho, is trainer of Real Madrid. It takes a white smooth shirt, a dark blue necktie with rays, black trousers and a black jacket.<br />This is Cristina Pedroche, is television journalist. It wears to a red dress and brown shoes.<br />Cristiano Ronaldo dresses clear a brown shirt, a dark brown necktie, black trousers and a black jacket.<br />1080135top<br />This is Ana Simón, works in a televising program. It dresses a red dress and a brown belt.<br />This is Antonio Banderas, is actor. It dresses a white shirt cotton, black trousers, a black jacket and black shoes. <br />This is Mario Casas, is actor. It wears a white sweater shirt, a red t-shirt and jeans.<br />This is Penelope Cruz, is actress. It wears a white dress, a white jacket to game or shoes.<br />