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  1. 1. BASEBALL
  2. 2. INDEX 1.History 2.What is it? What is the goal in the baseball? What are the rules? 3. Baseball stars 4.Equipment of baseball. 5. Fields (diamonds) most important baseball. 6. Competition.
  3. 3. 1- HISTORY It is a team sport played between two team of nine player each. It is considerated one of the most popular sports in United States, Japan, Canada,South Korea, Taiwan, Cuba,Australia and Mexico. In ancient cultures, Persia,Egyptian and Greek were practiced games with a stick and a ball. Games of this style spread during the Middle Ages in Europe and similar games were introduced by Europeans in their American colonies around XVI century.
  4. 4.  The people think that baseball is a derivation of ``stool ball´´ practiced in the Middle Ages and in turn ``stool ball´´ comes from rituals games practiced in the ancient world. The first reference to the term ``baseball´´ ocurrs in 1744, less tan a hundred years before the invention of Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, New York
  5. 5. 2.WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS THE GOAL IN BASEBALL?WHAT ARE THE RULES? Competitive sport. Two teams (9 players each) It’s played in a big field( infield, outfield, fair, foul) The goal: achieve more runs than the other team. A match is divided in 9 inning(in an inning the two teams have to play like the defense and batting team.
  6. 6.  The defense team, their position is the following: The batting team bat the ball,thrown by the pitcher, and run toarrive to the bases. When the defense teameliminate 3 players become to bethe batting team( vice versa) A batter is eliminated by:1.Three strike-out2. A defense picks up the ball before thebatter arrive to the base.3. A defense picks up the ball, before the ball falls to the land.
  7. 7. 3- BASEBALL STARS JOE DIMAGGIO He was born in 1914, California. Joe was an American baseball player in the major leagues and played all his life in New York Yankees . In 1941, Babe made the feat of getting 56 consecutives games hitting one hits that began in May and ended in July. This brand is the biggest feat in baseball history. He was a ``outfielder`` endowed with a great throwing arm and was a student of the movements of the pitcher, the batter and the score but in 1942, he had a injury inone of their heels and returned after 65 encounters.
  8. 8.  Despite his injury he won three titles, was named the most valuable player and he struck out 369 times in his career, also he attended 11 games of the star, and was champion of the major leagues with Yankees team, finally he died in 1999.
  9. 9. FRANK ROBINSON He was born in 1935, Washington.Frank played in the major league and was elected member to the Hall of Fame baseball.Robinson has a very successful career with five team: The Cincinnati Reds,The Baltimore Orioles, The Angels Dodgers, The California Angels and The Cleveland Indians.He twice won the World Series, also he wasselected as most valuable player in history.In 1966, his batting did the best of the season in theAmerican League.He ended his career having participated in 2809 games alsoRobbinson was the first African American manager, in The Major leagues.
  10. 10.  A strike happens when the batter, doesn’t hit the ball or the ball falls in foul area. When a batter hit the ball, and the ball leaves the field and the batter makes a run, that is called home run. In a match never there is a draw.
  11. 11. 4. EQUIPMENT OF BASEBALL The equipment: bat, ball, glove, catcher’s mitt, batting helmet, baseball cap, catchers helmet, baseball cleats(shoes), athletic cup and uniform.
  14. 14. 6.COMPETITIONS Mayor league baseballIs the league of professional baseball of highest level.The 2 more important are the National league and theAmerican league.National: New york, L.A American: Detroit, NewYork
  15. 15. Work realized by:Rocío Galea y Lola Zambrano. BT 1