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2. david raquel maria_alejandro_around granada


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2. david raquel maria_alejandro_around granada

  2. 2. Granada is our city.It is in the south of Spain. Granada is a nice big city and we are going to talk about some of its places .
  3. 3. Here is GRANADA!
  4. 6. Centre of Granada Sierra Nevada Güéjar-Sierra Granada coast
  5. 7. Guéjar Sierra
  6. 8. The church
  7. 9. It is the”cuna del genil”.
  8. 11. Sierra Nevada
  9. 12. Sierra Nevada is a natural park and it has a great ski resort. Sierra Nevada is the first tourist attraction after the Alhambra.
  10. 13. Sierra Nevada is the highest mountain range in southern Spain.
  11. 14. In 1986 it was declared "Biosphere Reserve" by Unesco and in 1999 a large part of its territory was declared a National Park for its botanical values​​ and landscape.
  12. 15. The Natural Park and national park protect a total area of 171,829 hectares.
  13. 16. Mulhacén top.
  14. 17. Mulhacén (3748 m) is the highest peak in the Iberian peninsula.
  15. 18. The virgin of the snow is in Sierra Nevada. It was one of the first things to be built in Sierra Nevada and it is one of the most visited sites.
  16. 20. Granada Coast
  17. 21. The Granada coast called Tropical Coast is in the southern part of the province of Granada, in Andalusia (Spain)
  18. 22. The tropical coast has 28 miles of coastline and 26 beaches.
  19. 23. It is a good place for summer holidays.