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Community-based Eco-tourism project by Pelachor


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Community-based Eco-tourism project by Pelachor

  1. 1. Business Plan Jose Miguel Palechor 2009
  2. 2. Protection of the natural resources, flora and fauna, implementing ecological paths and sustainable agri ecotourism  in the  indigenous community yanacona from Rioblanquito, Sotara, Cauca, Colombia 2009 Foundation of professional young people and students from Sotara. Jose Miguel Palechor Scolarship 2008-2010 IALS program
  3. 3. Introducction Protection of the natural resources, flora and fauna, implementing ecological paths in the indigenous community Rioblanquito's yanacona, Sotara, Cauca, Colombia. Realized by: Fundation Proess and Jose Miguel Palechor, who are original of the community sotarena and the problematic ones and needs know. the natural, historical, agricultural(farming) resources, with which we can make this project of tourism.
  4. 4. Introducction why: Create to Agricultural (Farming) sustainable ecotourism Because ours community have to tourist offer, for different themes, for example, diversity of flora and fauna, native resources, how mountain, forest, river, volcano, termal water, animals, the agriculture there is to principal economic source of the community, historic, we have to culture aborigen, uses, customs and proper beliefs of the reguion, also windmills made by the Wise Caldas.
  5. 5. Introduction This project are: in functioning regional tourists realize: sports, cultural meetings, treks for the historical places, ecological paths, educationally , protection of the environment, know history , culture, wise person acts, to enjoy landscapes, the food, etc.
  6. 6. Introduction . This community (relies on) 5.000 persons, who devote themselves to the agricultural and cattle labors, as the dad's sowing, maize(corn), wheat, strawberry, bean, arbeja, lentil, quinua, ornamental plants(floors), and gardines in them popular peasant, the baby of minor species as(like), cuyes, rabbits, hens, bee, kids, doves, etc, also the baby of major species, as cows, horses, that many time are for the self- consumption.
  7. 7. Map
  8. 8. Home Town
  9. 9. Ecology Paths
  10. 10. Locations Sites At Nights
  11. 11. Culture
  12. 12. Historic Places
  13. 13. Tourism Sites
  14. 14. Tank's for you atention