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The status of the artists in europe


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The status of the artists in europe

  1. 1. The Status of the Artists in EuropeIn addition to the systems of direct public support for the arts and artists, there arepieces of legislation in many European countries which take into account some of thesocial and /or economic needs of creative workers resulting from their oftenprecarious working status."Integrated models" which facilitate cooperation between cultural policies (includingdirect and indirect measures) and other areas of policy making (e.g. economics, socialaffairs, health or employment) are few. A re-orientation or re-focusing of existingpublic policies for artists and their working environment in a more integrated mannerremains a challenging task.While the core issues facing artists social and economic needs are similar,governments across Europe have adopted different solutions. The Compendiumcountry profiles provide information on employment policies for the cultural sector,social security or labour frameworks for self-employed artists, special tax exemptionson artists expenses, etc. This information enables users to identify innovativeapproaches which could help to inspire new policy developments.