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Fighting for equality


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Presentation at HEA Workshop on 'Mainstreaming Equality and Diversity into the Business Management Curriculum'. Held at Heriot-Watt University, 19 June 2013. More detail here:

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Fighting for equality

  1. 1. @ian_c_elliottFighting for equalityMainstreaming equality and diversity into the businessmanagement curriculumHeriot-Watt University19 July 2013
  2. 2. @ian_c_elliottIntroductionSource: Jim Rees
  3. 3. @ian_c_elliottWhy fighting for equality?Source: Thomas Hawk
  4. 4. @ian_c_elliottWhy fighting for equality?Source: Wyoming_Jackrabbit
  5. 5. @ian_c_elliottMy storySource: Scottish Government
  6. 6. @ian_c_elliottQuestions1. Why is there a module on engenderingpolicy and practice?2. Would this be relevant to internationalstudents?3. Why is gender inequality more importantthan other inequalities?4. Isn’t this a very niche topic for a publicservices programme?
  7. 7. @ian_c_elliottResponse• Equality Act 2010• Civil Service Code: “carry out your responsibilities in a way thatis fair, just and equitable and reflects the Civil Servicecommitment to equality and diversity”• Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) Regulations 2011• UN Convention on the Elimination of all forms of DiscriminationAgainst Women (CEDAW)• Millennium Development Goals• EU Article 13 Equal Treatment Directive (2008)• Queen Margaret University
  8. 8. @ian_c_elliottOutcomeRetained module on ‘Engendering Policy andPractice’But as optional moduleContinued resistance from public servicepartners
  9. 9. @ian_c_elliottWhat are you going to do?1. Should equality and diversity be ‘mainstreamed’ orrecognised as a standalone issue?2. What techniques can be used to influence the profileof equality and diversity on a programme?3. What sources of evidence can be used to supportthe case for quality and diversity?4. Name one thing you are going to do after today toraise the profile of equality and diversity in yoursubject area.