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TwoCents Startup Weekend SJ Pitch


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@BrainScraps if love it, or if you hate it.
by Isaac Elias

Here is the UStream of the pitch - find me at about 11m 30s

Published in: Technology
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TwoCents Startup Weekend SJ Pitch

  1. 1. Where’s everybody else?
  2. 2. Just me.Demo app coded by garland kan
  3. 3. NOT
  4. 4. (if this was 2002.)
  5. 5. (if this was 2002.)
  6. 6. Value ++ Retention, Repeat Visits, Real-time, Actionable, Viral
  7. 7. The Plan
  8. 8. The Plan
  9. 9. The Plan
  10. 10. The Plan