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Online news editing_and_broadcasting_synopsis


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Published in: Technology
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Online news editing_and_broadcasting_synopsis

  1. 1. Online news editing and broadcastingIntroductionOnline news editing and broadcasting is unique concept, The idea behind thethis site is to provide the news for the people instantly. Already there arethousand’s of sites providing the news to the consumers. But none of thesesite able to give the information very faster. Because of technical problem oremployee problem or others.In our proposed system people who have idea or experience in the newspublishing can join as member to our site. Once his identity is scrutinized heallowed upload the news to the site. This information first it will to the editor,editor check the news and modify the necessary changes. After that he putthis news to site. Now people can view or read this news.Each news page have advertisement on it. The revenue generated by thismethod will be shared between this site, editor and member who upload thenews. So it opens many people to join with us to earn money.
  2. 2. Functional FlowProject main modulesMajor Screens/Page DescriptionJournalist Registration for registrationJournalist News Upload to upload the news to siteEditors Registration for registrationEditor view news editors will see the newsEditors upload editors upload the news to site.User Registration for registrationAdmin Control for admin control
  3. 3. Hardware RequirementsPentium IV 2GHz and Above512MB RAM15” Color MonitorKeyboardMouseSoftware RequirementsOperating System : Windows 2000/XP Operating System.Front End tools : Visual web developer Asp.netBackend : MS Access / Sql ServerBrowser : Internet Explorer 6 or aboveWebserver : IIS 5.0