Online air ticket_booking_system_synopsis


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Online air ticket_booking_system_synopsis

  1. 1. Project Synopsys Online Airticket BookingIntroductionOnline Air Ticket Booking system is to provide an option to customers to book thetickets online and to check the confirmation online. This system will help the companyto sell the flight tickets online. Unless like in the manual booking people as to walkinto travel agency or this company ticket counter to buy the tickets. And also to checkthe flight timings and any other enquires. This problem is over come introducing thissystem.Existing SystemPresently this company have ticket counters in the airport. Where people as to gothere, to book the tickets or to check the flight timings. Also there are many travelagents take the advance booking. In turn these agents will check out with the mainticket counter officials for the ticket confirmation. Which is very lengthy and tediousprocess.Proposed SystemThe proposed system will be available online. The system is developed such a waythat any body who want to check the flight timings they can do so very easily bylogon to this website from their place or nearby cyber cafe. Also who ever interestedto book the tickets they can book online. So it will help people to make booking veryeasily.
  2. 2. Hardware RequirementsProcessor : Pentium IV 2GHz and AboveRAM : 2GB RAMMonitor : 15” Color MonitorKeyboardMouseSoftware RequirementsOperating System. : Windows XPDeveloping Tool : ASP, HTMLDatabase : MS AccessBrowser : Internet ExplorerServer : IIS 5