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Library management system_synopsis


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Library management system_synopsis

  1. 1. Library Management SystemSYNOPSIS:INTRODUCTION: The project entitled LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is developed aspart of the VI Semester RDBMS package project for the partial fulfillment ofthe BE (Computer Science) degree.PROJECT: LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a software application to maintainthe records related to Book Purchase, Stock Maintenance, Book Search,Catalog, Book Issue, Book Returns, Fine Collection, and all necessaryrequirements for the Library to manage day to day operations.OBJECTIVE: The main objective of the application is to automate the existing systemof manually maintain the records of the Book Issue, Book Return from thestudent, Stock Maintenance, Catalog and Book Search to be computerized. Sothe Book Issue, Return, Searching will be faster.SCOPE: This application can be used by any Library to automate the process ofmanually maintaining the records related to the subject of maintaining thestock and Book Issues.
  2. 2. PROBLEM DEFINITION: The transactions related to Book Purchase, Book Issue and BookReturns are maintained manually at present along with maintaining theaccounts of the Students and the Lecturers. All these are to be automated and an application is required to relate allof them relatively and logically so that the current system can be replaced andaccepted without major changes and problems. The application should provide quick access to the records maintainedand must reveal the important reviews about the business so that the growthcan be easily compared and should provide with the various reports showingthe related details so that the important decisions could be taken easily.
  3. 3. Hardware and Software requirementsHardware RequirementsProcessor : Pentium IV 2GHz and AboveRAM : 2GB RAMMonitor : 15” Color MonitorKeyboardMouseSoftware RequirementsOperating System. : Windows XPDeveloping Tool : Visual Basic 6.0Database : MS Access