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Inventory management system_synopsis


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Inventory management system_synopsis

  1. 1. Inventory Management SystemINTRODUCTION: The project entitled INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is developed as part ofthe VI Semester RDBMS package project for the partial fulfillment of the BCA degree.PROJECT: INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a software application maintaing therecords related to purchase, sales, returns, stock updations, cash and bank flows and thereorder level of music store.OBJECTIVE: The main objective of the application is to automate the existing system of manuallymaintaing the records of the counter sales, purchases, reorder levels, Supplier andCustomer monetary positions and other related transactions made at the counter.SCOPE: This application can be used by any music store to automate the process of manuallymaintaining the records related to the subject of maintaining the stock and liquid flows.PROBLEM DEFINITION: The transactions related to purchase, sale and returns are maintained manually atpresent along with maintaining the accounts of the customers and the suppliers. All these are to be automated and an application is required to relate all of themrelatively and logically so that the current system can be replaced and accepted withoutmajor changes and problems. The application should provide quick access to the records maintained and mustreveal the important reviews about the business so that the growth can be easilycompared and should provide with the various reports showing the related details so thatthe important decisions could be taken easily.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION: The project entitled INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is developed as part ofthe VI Semester RDBMS package project for the partial fulfillment of the BCA degree. It isa software application maintaing the records related to all the transactions occurring at thecounter of a shop.OBJECTIVE: The main objective is to maintain the inventory records of a generic shop which dealsin musical tapes. • To keep accounts of purchase and sales • To know the current position of the debtors and creditors • Bill generation • Stock maintenanceSCOPE: As this is generic software it can be used by a wide variety of outlets (Retailers andWholesalers) to automate the process of manually maintaining the records related to thesubject of maintaining the stock and cash flows.GOAL: The main goal of the application is to maintain the records of stock, billing, details ofpurchasers and sellers and their current financial positions with the company.
  3. 3. Hardware and Software requirementsHardware RequirementsProcessor : Pentium IV 2GHz and AboveRAM : 2GB RAMMonitor : 15” Color MonitorKeyboardMouseSoftware RequirementsOperating System. : Windows XPDeveloping Tool : Visual Basic 6.0Database : MS Access