Developing an FTTx Ecosystem


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Presentation from SIEPON Seminar on 20 April in Czech Republic, sponsored by IEEE-SA & CAG. Opinions presented by the speakers in this presentation are their own, and not necessarily those of their employers or of IEEE.

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Developing an FTTx Ecosystem

  1. 1. Developing an FTTx Ecosystem (Introduction to IEEE P1904.1 SIEPON) Glen Kramer, P1904.1 WG Chair Glen.kramer@ieee.org20 April 2012 SIEPON Seminar, Prague, Czech Republic 1
  2. 2. FTTx Ecosystem What does it take to develop an ecosystem? 1. Common rules and principles – A flexible reference architecture and unified design principles for addressing technical needs in a consistent way – Coordination and alignment among the relevant SDOs – One ecosystem, not many 2. Multiple cooperating classes of actors – Specification(s) promoting independent business models for optics vendors, ASIC vendors, systems vendors, and test labs. – All classes of actors together provide a complete lifecycle of product development and verification 3. Multiple competing actors within each class – Many optics vendors, ASIC vendors, test labs, system vendors, and operators. – Competition within each class promotes innovation, flexibility, and cost efficiency.20 April 2012 SIEPON Seminar, Prague, Czech Republic 2
  3. 3. EPON is a Universal Access Architecture All user types – Residential – Business – Cellular backhaul All configurations – SFU – MDU/MTU – FTTH – FTTC/FTTN All Data Rates – 1 Gb/s (.3ah-2004) – 10/1 Gb/s (.3av-2009) – 10/10 Gb/s (.3av-2009) One architecture simultaneously supports all user types, all deployment configurations, and all equipment generations on the same network!20 April 2012 SIEPON Seminar, Prague, Czech Republic 3
  4. 4. What is SIEPON? EPON’s popularity grew very quickly. Recently, many EPON- related projects have started in various SDOs or by operators without much coordination. – ITU-T SG15 is discussing relevant specifications (OMCI for EPON) – BBF has completed TR-200: Using EPON in context of TR-101 – CableLabs has DOCSIS Provisioning of EPON project (DPoETM) – Various operators or national bodies developed their own specifications In December 2009 IEEE SA and ComSoc started the IEEE P1904.1 Service Interoperability in Ethernet Passive Optical Networks project SIEPON is an “umbrella” standard that defines a common reference architecture to ensure that EPON preserves a single ecosystem, as opposed to multiple, nationally-controlled, and fragmented ecosystems.20 April 2012 SIEPON Seminar, Prague, Czech Republic 4
  5. 5. 1: Common Rules and Principles  SIEPON does not need to invent new technology or resolve technical challenges  Various architectural features are already debugged, refined, O pe deployed, and field-proven ra to C r B ru e B fo S L F sin nvi S g m s vi O ts Ope SI in e ab R g ro nm in D t en EP en eq E n en  The goal of C s ir L ro N Operator O u u le ui PO me D for Req ab re N n rator D m C A IEEE p1904.1 en i n ts SIEPON project: t Address in a consistent and uniform way   the diverse requirements associated with – Multiple service models r G ato O pe E r – Different provisioning and pe ra O to management concepts r – Various deployment scenarios20 April 2012 SIEPON Seminar, Prague, Czech Republic 5
  6. 6. Coordination with Other GroupsIEEE P1904.1 has established close and productiverelationships with CableLabs 802.3ah – DPoE provides requirements IEEE 802.3av OAM for EPON in MSO environments 802.3 CableLabs Broadband Forum FAN Ethernet – TR-200 provides EPON Data DPoE 1.0 Path (EDP) requirements DPoE 2.0 – Coordinating activities of IEEE WT-287 (optical monitoring) and P1904.1 WT-288 (deployment requirements) SIEPON ITU-T SG15 G.epon – Coordinating activities on G.epon OMCI IEEE 802.3 ITU-T BBF – Successfully cooperated to SG15/Q2 FAN allow an increased OAM frame rate TR‐200 WT‐287 – Recently - added support for WT‐288 multicast LLID20 April 2012 SIEPON Seminar, Prague, Czech Republic 6
  7. 7. 2: Multiple Cooperating Classes of Actors  IEEE 802.3 EPON and IEEE P1904.1 SIEPON specifications ensure clean separation of functionality and precise definition of interfaces.  This promotes business models favoring competition within Re each class of actors and qu ire cooperation across classes Operators Optics m en Vendors t s  EPON ecosystem includes multiple classes of actors Verified Product – Test Labs ASIC – Operators Vendors – System Vendors Test Labs – ASIC Vendors ts – Optics vendors en System p on Pro Vendors  Each class requires and benefits du C om ct from the continued good health of the other classes20 April 2012 SIEPON Seminar, Prague, Czech Republic 7
  8. 8. 3: Multiple Competing Actors in Each Class Operators Test Labs Systems Brighthouse  CableLabs  Alcatel- Shanghai Bell Networks  Iometrix  ARRIS China Telecom  UNH – IOL  Aurora Networks China Unicom  RITT  CommScope KDDI  Ericsson KT Optics  FiberHome NTT Corporation  Delta  Fujitsu  Coretek  Hitachi ASIC  Ligent  Huawei Broadcom Corp.  Lightron  Mitsubishi Electric Cortina Systems  LIG Neoptec  NEC Marvell  Neophotonics  Oki Electric Industry Oliver Solutions  OE Solutions  Sumitomo Electric PMC-Sierra  Photop  ZTE Corporation Qualcomm  Source Photonics Underlined are members of IEEE P1904.1 SIEPON Working Group20 April 2012 SIEPON Seminar, Prague, Czech Republic 8
  9. 9. IEEE P1904.1 SIEPON Project Information20 April 2012 SIEPON Seminar, Prague, Czech Republic 9
  10. 10. Working Group Structure TF1: Service Configuration and ProvisioningThe P1904.1 WG currently Chair Glen Kramer Broadcom on four documents Vice Chair Ken-Ichi Suzuki NTT Corp. Exec. Secretary Zhou Zhen Fiberhome Chief Editor Marek Hajduczenia ZTE Corp. Main Specification TF1: Service Configuration and Provisioning – P1904.1/D2.3 Chair Lior Khermosh PMC-Sierra, Inc. Conformance Tests Editor Alan M. Brown Aurora Networks – P1904.1/Conformance01 TF2: Performance Requirements and Service Quality – P1904.1/Conformance02 Chair Curtis Knittle CableLabs Editor Jeff Stribling Hitachi – P1904.1/Conformance03 TF3: Service Survivability Chair Seiji Kozaki Mitsubishi Electric The work is divided Editor Hesham ElBakoury Huawei among 5 Task Forces  TF4: System/Device Management Chair James Chen Hitachi Editor Fumio Daido Sumitomo Electric TF5: Conformance Test Procedures Chair Toshihiko Kusano Oliver Solutions Editor Motoyuki Takizawa Fujitsu20 April 2012 Editor Liu Qian RITT
  11. 11. Project Timeline Draft PAR to DraftP1904.1 NesCom (before 19 Oct. 2009) standard to D1.0 D3.0 RevCom Baseline D2.0 PAR proposals Sponsor WG Ballot approved selected Ballot Std! J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D u u e c o e a e a p a u u u e c o e a e a p a u u u e c o e a e a p a u u u e c o e a e a p a u u u e c o e l g p t v c n b r r y n l g p t v c n b r r y n l g p t v c n b r r y n l g p t v c n b r r y n l g p t v c Conformance 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Draft PAR to D1.0 D2.0 Std! NesCom Baseline WG P1904.1/ Draft (before 29 July 2011) proposals Ballot standard to selected D3.0 RevCom PAR approved Sponsor Ballot - SIPON Working Group Meeting - IEEE-SA Standards Board Meeting Approved by the P1904.1 WG on 9 February 2012. 20 April 2012 SIEPON Seminar, Prague, Czech Republic 11
  12. 12. How to Participate Date Location Host SIEPON WG holds 6 Feb Piscataway, NJ IEEE-SA meetings per year Apr Shanghai, China ZTE Any company is welcome Jun Busan, S. Korea Korea Telecom 2010 to join and participate Aug Beijing, China Fiberhome Past Meetings Oct Tokyo, Japan NTT • Entity-based project Dec Santa Monica, CA Broadcom + RITT (One company = one vote) Feb Vancouver, Canada PMC Sierra • Companies must be IEEE Apr Louisville, CO CableLabs Corporate members Jun Shenzhen, China Huawei 2011 More information at Aug Kobe, Japan Sumitomo Oct Kamakura, Japan Mitsubishi • Dec Shanghai, China China Telecom Feb Palo Alto, CA Hitachi Apr Prague, Czech Rep IEEE-SA & ICAP Jun Louisville, CO CableLabs Future Meetings Aug Sapporo, Japan (*) Fujitsu (*) 2012 (*) tentative Oct Beijing, China RITT & Fiberhome Dec Shanghai, China (*) Qualcomm20 April 2012 SIEPON Seminar, Prague, Czech Republic 12
  13. 13. Thank You20 April 2012 SIEPON Seminar, Prague, Czech Republic 13