Membership Retention


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As presented by Hamza Tahir Khan.

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Membership Retention

  1. 1.  Mostly school pass out students  Some 2nd year students of under-graduate courses  Even students studying in non-Engineering courses, say, Bachelor of Architecture, Mass Communication, etc..
  2. 2.  Encouraged by seniors and existing members  Attracted to benefits of subscription such as access to online information on the website, on- line account, e-mail Id and monthly magazine  Attracted to certificates, and to have fun while working as a team member  Promised to be helped in career ahead by joining  Since others have joined, they are further pressurized to join
  3. 3.  Usually know IEEE for the name sake only, i.e., Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  IEEE is meant for Engineers only  Specifically for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, no space for Computers, Mechanical, Civil, Information Technology, etc..
  4. 4.  Invitations to join technical workshops and lectures happening at Branch/Section level  A monthly magazine and an almost daily update of world-wide happening technical developments
  5. 5.  Mere spectators/listeners of such workshops/lectures  Barely go through their inbox which is full of e-newsletters and e-magazines  Starts losing their interest in the new membership and eventually feels disconnected from IEEE
  6. 6.  Wants to integrate and interact with the society but founds it too technical to start…
  7. 7.  Provided platform for their active participation  Asked them to organize non-technical/ cultural/ social/ humanitarian events  They were in charge of publicity, infrastructure and other logistics needed  Had a feedback after each event to decide whether to continue with the same event/theme or not
  8. 8.  Non-Technical Lectures  Group Discussions  Debates  Presentations  „Earth Hour‟ and „Earth Day‟
  9. 9.  Sudden turn up of new members  We got surrounded by them in college lobbies and canteen  Lots of proposal for new events such as street shows, video making competitions, and workshops on website development arrived  Certainly they themselves wanted to work on the technical aspect of IEEE
  10. 10.  “… I enjoyed the event…”  “… can you please elaborate if IEEE has got something to do with humanity?”  “….I think I have got something to do with IEEE”
  11. 11.  It implants leadership training, event management and presentation & communication skills  Provides a feel good factor  They gets connected to the world of IEEE
  12. 12. Thank You!