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Portable circular saw machine


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Portable circular saw machine

  1. 1. PORTABLE CIRCULAR SAW MACHINE ABSTRACT:  The Machine we designed and fabricated is used for cutting any shape of object like Circular, Rectangular, and Polygon. In our project the work holding vice is a special type of vice such that the fixed jaw can be adjusted to an that the fixed jaw can be adjusted to an angle of 0 to 40 and can be fixed in any manner likely the movable jaw can also be swiveled 0 to 45 automatically.  Hence our project namely portable circular saw Machine is a Special type of Machine. According to the type of material to be cut, the cutting tool can be changed. This project gives details of Cutting various shapes and sizes of components. This machi ne can be widely applied in almost all type of industries. SCOPE OF THE PROJECT:  This project circular saw Machine is an improved type of machine cutting an important process for production work in any industry. In order to machine a component the size and shape is very vital one to be considered according to our need, the size has to be parted. Hence for this purpose cutting machine is necessary mostly many industries we see power half and cutting machine which is only used to cut regular shape of the objects like circular and rectangular. But the machine we manufactured is used to cut any shape of the object. ECWAY TECHNOLOGIES IEEE PROJECTS & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTS OUR OFFICES @ CHENNAI / TRICHY / KARUR / ERODE / MADURAI / SALEM / COIMBATORE BANGALORE / HYDRABAD CELL: 9894917187 | 875487 1111/2222/3333 | 8754872111 / 3111 / 4111 / 5111 / 6111 Visit: Mail to:
  2. 2.  The cost of the machine is less and to constructions is simpler compared to other type of machine. This machine is quite economical for any type of production industries further base on type of the material cutter is used. Time taken for cutting is also less compared to other type. Hence we are sure our machine will be useful to different types of industries. WORKING PRINCIPLE  Working principle of High Speed Cutting Machine is given in a brief manner. The vital part of machine required for starting the operation are motor pulley, belt, circular rubber bointed wheel, vice for fixing the job etc.,  The automatic tilting vice which has a fixed jaw and a movable jaw is found over the base plate of the machine.  The fixed jaw which can also Survivelled from 0 to 45 angleand act as a supporting jaw for any work piece to be cut. The other jaw namely automatic filtering jaw is fixed to the screw provided in the screw rod. Thus the work piece is rigidly fixed in between the two job. The power, required to cut the part of object is derived from the electric motor. The motor is placed on the tilting plate. The power is transmitted from the motor to the main shaft by the help of pulley and ‘V’ belt. The main shaft is fuses through the bearing unit to right hand end of the threaded portion of the shaft the rubber bonded. Cutter wheel is protected by a protective guard. A handle is provided on the top of the tilting plate above the guard.  Now when power is transmitted to the main shaft the cutter begins to rotate at a suitable speed. Now by applying force on the handle the rotating loading cutter is made to touch the object to be cut. Now when one part contacts the other cutting action takes place by abrasion action the cutting action oceans. After cutting is over when the handle is released the tilting plate along with the cutter moves upwards. The action of moving the tilting plate upward and downward is controlled by the help of tension springs which connects the tilting plate and the base plate.
  3. 3. ADVANTAGES:  The cutting operation is very faster compared to other cutting machines.  The construction of the machine is very simple, compared to other type of machines.  The cutting area of the work piece to obtain good surface finish.  Cost of the machine is less.  Less floor space is required.  It is quite economical for all type (Small, Medium, Large) Industries.  Free Maintenance. DISADVANTAGES:  Motor Speed Constant.  Feed manually.  High force is applied to the cutting wheel, may be a chance of braking. APPLICATION o It can be used in steel Industries. o It can be used in Plastic Industries. o It is applicable in almost all type of productive Industries. o It can be used in small Industries and Large Scale Industries.