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Design and implementation of embedded indoor intelligent temperature control system


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Design and implementation of embedded indoor intelligent temperature control system

  1. 1. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF EMBEDDED INDOOR INTELLIGENT TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEMABSTRACTWhile vigorously promoting energy-saving and emission reduction, as well as the pursuit ofhigh quality of life, the winter heating system shortcomings become increasingly apparent.Most of the countries now a day are utilizing centralized heating. Throughout the heatingperiod, both day and night, indoor people and unmanned, the system continuous heating allthe day. Heat transport system is constant, and cannot make the appropriate adjustments withthe changes of indoor and outdoor temperature and the different requirements of individuals.This has resulted in a serious waste of heat and the heating is not humanistic and so on. Withreal-time detection of changes in indoor temperature, the system regulates the indoortemperature rationally. So it reduced the heat consumption and improved peoples quality oflife.System includes temperature detection, Zigbee wireless transmission, ARM controller, theinformation display and input, heating control, GSM wireless communications and so on.Temperature detection includes outdoor temperature detection, indoor temperature detectionand heating temperature detection. In order to avoid cumbersome wiring, the temperaturedetection points wirelessly connect with ARM controller through the Zigbee technology.