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  1. 1. SAP - its application MBA PHARMACY HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT Volume. 3 Issue 2 November 2009 A IEC - CET MAGAZINE 10 1999-2009 YEARS Celebrating Excellence
  2. 2. National Conference on e-Learning : An Innovative Knowledge Oriented Framework November 2009 Vishwakarma Day September 9-10, 2009 at India International Centre (Annexe), New Delhi Vishwakarma is the greatest engineer of Gods in heaven. He has designed Shri G L Tandon, Padma Bhushan,Former CMD Coal India 'Vajra' for Indra to destroy the demon Vratrasur. He has also made 'Sudarshan Chakra' for lord Vishnu. The material of these ayudhs was the bones of Rishi Ltd,Dr Utpal K Banerjee, Padma Shree was Guest of Dadhichi. Rishi Dhadichi gladly left his body for the purpose. Honour and Prof K R Srivathsan,Pro-Vice Chancellor Content actiitis@iec cet To pay our homage to the greatest engineer, we at IEC celebrated Vishwakarma IGNOU was keynote speaker of the event. The conference day. All machines, tools and equipments were worshiped. Haven Pooja was was chaired by Dr. H.M. Gupta, Electrical Engineering conducted and Ahutis were given. Pooja was joined by Vice-President, Director, Faculties, Staff and Students. Prasad and sweets were distributed to all who Department, IIT Delhi , Dr. Sneha Mohan Executive Director SHUBH were present. of CDT Foundation and Co-Chair Dr. Nupur Prakash ICAI. Diwali Celebration The sponsors for the conference was JIIT, Noida, Adobe DEEPAWALI India, ABV-IITM, Gurukul Online and RGEC, Meerut. The On the occasion of Diwali, a cultural programme was conducted in a very conference published 47 papers authored by 84 congenial environment. The multi talented faculties and staff members of IEC presented various songs, dances and skits. Various games were also played to participants..My paper on ”e-Learning is an add on to fill the atmosphere with fun. Everybody was filled classroom teaching pedagogy” is published in conference with joy on the occasion of festival of lights in the proceedings co-authored by Sharad kumar. I presented on affable gathering. The cultural programme was 10 Sept 2009 in Web based Learning category. Eminant followed by Diwali gift presentation and lunch. Later speakers like Dr. Y.N. Singh of IIT, Kanpur demonstrated the staff members proceeded for Diwali vacation. Brihaspati software. Dr. Nupur Prakash gave presentation BOOK FAIR on Blended Learning.The two days conference was a great Front Page - 10th year poster A book fair was organized in the college premises success for creating an innovative environment in e- Front Back -Content, activities@ieccet on Saturday 10 Oct 09. About 25 publishers and learning and full participation from different parts of India. distributors were invited, Tata Mcgraw hill, Pearson activities@ieccet....................................1 ed.,Wiley india, S. Chand, Himalaya publicatios Various Universities like Jammu and Kashmir Univ., etc.Participants like S.Chand, Himalaya publications, EXEL publications(also Bhopal,Indore, Hyderabad , Gwalior, Jaipur, Jamia Milia Message from President........................2 distributers), IK publications, Serial publications, UBS etc. showed high New Delhi ,JNU New Delhi, IIT Delhi etc have enhanced enthusiasm by arriving well before time. Books for all B.Tech courses, E-learning..........................................3 - 6 MBA,MCA, B.Pharma, Hotel Management were available. glory of the event. Presentations by Gurukul Online , Adobe and other sponsors were knowledge enhancing and Emerging Technology........................6 - 7 All the colleges in knowledge park-1,2,3,4 were personally invited by the teachers through the directors of those colleges. motivating. The conference was a benchmark of e-Learning Global Warming................................8 - 9 The students and teachers showed keen interest and were very thrilled to have concepts. Ms. Sharbani Bhattacharya attended this so many options at their doorstep, so much so ,that ,they wish to be involved in a seminar MBA Article...........................................10 big way and organise the event on a much larger scale next time. 1. The Science Club, Department of Applied Science Our Department (Mechanical).............11 Power Generation In Sugar Plants Presentation by Triveni Engineering organized an event `Sci-Feast' on 7th September 2009. The & Industries Ltd Advances in Drug Delivery Systems....12 event consisted of fundamental multiple choice questions On 3rd of September two senior executives from Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd (TEIL) gave presentation on "Power Generation In Sugar Plants" in IEC-CET. related to Physics, Chemistry and Environment Science. Contribution of Nanotechnology...........13 It may be mentioned that they also met the IEC Group of Institutions 2. MCA department organized a quiz on “Fundamental management team during their visit. TEIL is a 10 Bilion INR company having 4G Mobile communication............14 - 15 strong presence in Sugar Production, Steam Turbine and Gear BX Concepts of Computers & Programming Languages” manufacturing, Captive Power and Cogeneration System Integration, Water and on 23rd September 2009. Hospitality Mgmt page..........................16 Waste treatment. 3. 20 Students and 11 Faculty members of CS/IT Science & Technical News...................17 department conducted a demo on e-learning Software Power Generation in Sugar Plants Adobe Connect Pro virtually from Adobe on 24th September Bioinformatics with soft computing 2009. This activity was coordinated by Ms. Sharbani DNA................................................18- 19 As a part of Institution - Industry Bhattacharya of Information Technology Department.. Interaction Programme, IEC College of Engineering and Technology, Noida, 4. Applied Science department organized a painting Faculty development Programme invited TBG to give a presentation to competition “RAINBOW” for all the students of IEC-CET on their students & faculty on “ Power Conducted by Wipro.....................20 - 22 Generation in Sugar Plants” 1st October 09. The winners of the Competition were :Mr. Ashutosh Jha (MCA) final year – First Prize, Ms. Nisha The Human Genome Project...............23 Mr. S.A. Muzaffar, DGM-CCC ( North Zone) and Mr. D.S. Kalsi, Manager, Singh (B.Pharma) III yr got Second Prize and Mr. Shadad CCC (Noida) visited the IEC campus. During the interaction, Mr. Muzaffar Ahmad (B.Tech) I yr got third prize. explained the process of Power Generation in sugar mills, difference Science Quiz.......................................24 between back pressure and condensing turbines and the advantage of 5. Cricket match was organized by Mr. Aditya Dayal Tyagi Co-generation in National Economy. and Ms. Uma Sharma of MCA department on 8th October Back Inside.........Oracle Announcement 2009. The match was between the 2nd and 3rd year students The Interaction was very useful and appreciated by the Management of IEC College. of MCA. A large number of students gathered in the college Back Page............................PGDM ground. 1
  3. 3. Volume. 3 Issue 2 November 2009 E-learning in Higher Education By Rajendra K.Sharma (HOD IT) IEC-CET A IEC - CET MAGAZINE We at IEC-CET, are in process of implementing E-learning at IEC Campus. success of e-learning courses. Clearly, then, the support issue is becoming critical to the continued growth and success of e-learning in higher INTRODUCTION : CHIEF PATRON education. E-learning has taken a significant position in educational system. It is the Shri R.L. Gupta Chairman, IEC-CET best means to deliver learning content and material easily and cheaply. Objective: Although the best approach in students' perspective may seem to develop a Our main objective is to PATRON new product entirely for each country, location, language or culture [1], it is provide a robust network infrastructure that can Prof. A.K.Khare rarely feasible. A more practical approach would be to design the content Vice President Welcome Message from Chairman deliver all e- service to all with multilingual social impact in mind and to separate the content with targeted learners, EDITORIAL BOARD presentation. The content must be designed in a structured way so that it is Chairman Dear Students easy to translate to another language. This can be achieved through proper Mr. R.K.Srivastava interface design, effective presentation, mechanism and localization of 1. Academic staff and employees. This ‘News Letter’ reaches you after your return from content based on lingual and social perspective. Few skills like: 2. Current WAN Networks is Editor very weak & vulnerable. DEEPWALI Holidays, fresh to accept challenges and Dr. Ishan Ranjan 3. Sample of the e-learning ready to set new goals. 1. Instructors and students underestimate e- learning's time commitment. services that need to be Asstt. Editor supported are: 2. Students' technical skills and infrastructure may not be enough to handle a. Online courses Prof. Rakesh Kumar Let me address the first year students first. Because e-learning requirements. b. Virtual classes c. Academic portal of the delayed in counseling by UPTU, the academic 3. Institutions must balance and adapt a web of interconnected resources to d. Admin portal sessions has been drastically proved creating hurdles for e. Video streaming. CONTENT SUPPORT support e-learning adequately. academics and students. It is no easy task to cover the DESIGN GOALS : Mr. Rajender K. Sharma 4. A course management system can make or break e-learning adoption. syllabus within the stipulated time. Extra curricular The goal of the project is to provide easy mechanism of language Mr. Sanjeev Mathur 5. A menu of training options is needed to address varying training needs activities may have to be clipped to fit in with the time localization keeping the previously mentioned aspects in mind. It is also Mr. Yash Raghav and learning styles. available. I am sure your teacher’s will rise to the noticed that most Asian languages require a larger font size to show properly Ms.Yogita Goyal 6. Because e-learning course creation is complex, a gradual incorporation of occasion as they always do to help you to tide over the on the screen. Ample space must be kept during presentation design so that Mr.Tom Thomas e-learning tools is recommended — perhaps using a formal course difficulties. However, we have spared no efforts to make it is able to accommodate the content. It is best to design all text output with Mr.Anuj Gupta development program. your college as rewarding as possible. We have scrollbars enabling them to expand based on content without overflowing Smt. Anita Menon 7. 24 × 7 support gains priority. Mr. Amit Kumar arranged the services of a yoga teacher and sports guide the screen. System must also allow changing the font size depending on the As information technology (IT) becomes more robust and easier to use, it in your hostels and some more things are in the offing to language. Because each society may put emphasis on different aspects of a increasingly permeates academic activities in higher education. The use of give you stress free life. learning goal, it is very difficult to design a learning system that fits all social technology in education, commonly defined as e-learning, has become a Published from: perspective For instance the mathematic calculation of a division is 5, Sant Nagar standard component in many courses. Technology applications are not universal but each society may use different symbols to represent a division New Delhi-110 065 I know you are facing problems because of the limited to the classroom—they are also replacing some classroom sessions or its products. So whenever possible universally acceptable methods and change in environment from School to Engineering Website: with virtual sessions or fully replacing classroom courses with online college, not getting the food you are used to and change symbols should be used. Any image or symbol should be avoided when text courses. As institutions adopt e-learning, some important new issues arise: symbols can be used. in daily routine. But when you realize that you are only on 1. Institutions must provide an adequate and reliable technical infrastructure SELECTION OF TECHNOLOGY : Printed by: the threshold of your career and you are on the way to PERCEIVE SERVICES NETWORK to support e-learning activities. The development tools used to create these must be Unicode compliant and D-32, Basement Deepak Vihar opp. very high postilions, the problems you face are very trivial C-67, Sector-58 Noida ( U.P.) so look up and go forward. 2. Instructors and students must possess the technical skills to use e- must support reading of external structured Unicode files as we will separate E-mail: learning tools. content from presentation. To represent the content we have chosen XML Wishing you and your family a Happy Deepawali 3. Instructors must redesign their courses to incorporate e-learning and for creating the presentation we chose Macro media Flash. Flash has Note: All articles given in the magazine are based on the personal views of the and Greetings for the coming New Year 2010. effectively into their pedagogy. But as e-learning courses multiply, built in Unicode support and also has rich XML support. contributor. IEC-CET is not responsible for institutions question whether they can provide the necessary support STRUCTURE OF LEARNING MATERIALS: the views expressed. If these are contradictory to any particular person or resources to address these issues. More than 70 percent of survey As previously stated, the structure of the system is divided into two sections: entity. IEC-CET shall not be liable for the respondents indicated that growth in instructors' support demands will “Content” and “Presentation”. The following guidelines were developed for inadequacy of the information or display of R.L. Gupta contents. outpace their institutions' ability to provide the needed support. Sixty-five these two sections so that proper localization is possible: Chairman percent cited similar concerns for supporting students' e-learning activities. 4.1 Content (XML) File: C IEC-CET - Sep 2009 Respondents stated that instructor training is a critical element in the 1. All content text information will be saved in an UTF-8 encoded XML file (Fig. 1) 2 3
  4. 4. DESIGN GOALS : courses than many institutions can provide (if appropriately licensed), and Student E-Learning Challenges: The goal of the project is to provide easy mechanism of language KEY REPORT CONCEPTS can serve both instructors and students. Other popular training techniques Students encounter their own problems when taking an e-learning course. localization keeping the previously mentioned aspects in mind. It is also Online distance-learning courses: include short, focused training sessions, like brown-bag lunches to discuss Many e-learning students lack confidence and experience with computers, The instructor conducts class sessions online—not via mail or a specific topic, or weekly drop-in sessions to let faculty discuss specific noticed that most Asian languages require a larger font size to show properly and they may lack skills in commonly used applications like Microsoft Word, telephone. This usually requires no face-to-face meetings between technical or pedagogical problems on-the-fly. Others strive to train faculty on the screen. Ample space must be kept during presentation design so that Excel, or PowerPoint. The access level differs for students who must use the students and instructor either in the classroom or via video during the about course management systems in a practical context to provide training it is able to accommodate the content. It is best to design all text output with course. computer lab versus those who own a laptop or desktop PC and can work at in “an operational setting.” scrollbars enabling them to expand based on content without overflowing Traditional courses supplemented with technology: any hour in their rooms, creating something of a digital divide among them. The instructor teaches all sessions in the classroom but incorporates Course Development Resources the screen. System must also allow changing the font size depending on the Time-management skills and self-motivation also influence student technology in some or all classes (using Power Point, Web-based performance in e-learning classes, which are as time-consuming as E-learning course creation is complex and language. Because each society may put emphasis on different aspects of a activities, multimedia simulations, online testing and soon. time-consuming because instructors must learning goal, it is very difficult to design a learning system that fits all social traditional classes. Hybrid courses: reevaluate their courses and choose the A Web of Interconnected Resources: perspective For instance the mathematic calculation of a division is The instructor combines elements of online distance–learning courses most appropriate technical and pedagogical and traditional courses to replace some classroom sessions with virtual Given the challenges e-learning courses pose, especially for instructors, universal but each society may use different symbols to represent a division tools for e-learning applications. To facilitate sessions. providing adequate support for e-learning activities is a complex proposition. the course development process, institutions or its products. So whenever possible universally acceptable methods and E-learning courses: Producing and teaching an e-learning course effectively entails a web of recommended easing instructors into e- symbols should be used. Any image or symbol should be avoided when text For this study, this umbrella term refers to all three course types. many resources, each facet or strand of which must be sound to ensure that learning by gradual y incorporating symbols can be used. Centrally administered: the course succeeds as a whole. E-learning support resources are appropriate e-learning tools. This term refers to departments that offer e-learning resources across the Some institutions partner instructors and instructional technologists in SELECTION OF TECHNOLOGY : entire institution, including central IT departments, instructional discussed below: technology departments, and central faculty resource. centers. Infrastructure Resources: formal e-learning course development programs that can last from 6 to The development tools used to create these must be Unicode compliant and An institution's CMS can make or break e-learning adoption. An easy- 18 months. Institutions also need to support a wide variety of instructional must support reading of external structured Unicode files as we will separate techniques to suit instructor preferences and content requirements. to-use CMS lets instructors adopt e- learning gradual y by initial y posting content from presentation. To represent the content we have chosen XML E-Learning Adoption Characteristics: course materials online or adding a threaded discussion, for example. Support and Help Resources: and for creating the presentation we chose Macro media Flash. Flash has Institutions interviewed for this research cited various institutional, user, and The scope, complexity, and access of support grow as e-learning gains built in Unicode support and also has rich XML support. METHODOLOGY: popularity, easily straining an institution's resources. market drivers as spurring the adoption e-learning including faculty interest, The technology intelligence and industry analysis, conducted a three- Many of the institutions interviewed use the same staff to support al forms of STRUCTURE OF LEARNING MATERIALS: student convenience, al aviation of overcrowded classrooms, or course phase research study. e-learning. Some institutions do segregate most resources to address either As previously stated, the structure of the system is divided into two sections: management systems' (CMS) ease of use. instructor or student needs. Online training or help desk services, however, “Content” and “Presentation” . The following 1. An online survey was conducted in October 2002 among 274 senior Several of these factor scan be at work in any always service both instructors and students. information technology officials in EDUCAUSE member colleges and guidelines were developed for these two sections so given institution, driving adoption of multiple Today, about half of the survey respondents use staff members to handle e- universities that offer e-learning courses. The survey asked about their that proper localization is possible: learning support needs along with their other duties not related to e-learning. e-learning applications. All survey respondents e-learning activities and challenges, current e-learning resources, and the support infrastructure that provides these resources. In two years, however, some institutions might move to more formalized 4.1 Content (XML) File: have integrated technology into classroom- staffing arrangements. 1. All content text information will be saved in an UTF- 2. Interviews were conducted with multiple sources at 19 higher based courses, and a high percentage of Survey respondents expressed a preference for staff dedicated to e- education institutions with illustrative e-learning programs to discuss 8 encoded XML file (Fig. 1). learning support, often as part of a dedicated e-learning support group. doctoral, master, and associate institutions effective e-learning resource practices and strategies. One tricky issue for the support staff is the need for 24 x 7 support as 2. Every text element will have size information reported they have also implemented hybrid or 3. Six in-depth case studies, published separately, provide a look at how instructors and students work on their courses days, nights, and weekends. associated with it so that text size can be six leading e-learning institutions support e-learning, including lessons online distance-learning courses, or both. changed as may be required for different RECOMMENDATIONS As instructors gain confidence with the e-learning tools, they can evolve their languages. Online distance-learning courses general y got courses. CMS standardization provides a common platform on which to 1. Make CMS Training a Priority: CMS facilitates e-learning adoption, 3. Different language content can be saved in the same file. an earlier start than hybrid courses, but hybrid courses are now offered distribute knowledge and replicate or extend effective standardized letting instructors experiment with e-learning and providing a standard processes. 4. Path to additional file used as content like images and sound files if by a higher percentage of institutions than online courses (80 percent versus platform for sharing information and processes. Once instructors decide As more instructors adopt technology in their class-rooms, demand grows for standard-equipped and reliable technology-enabled classrooms. to try their institution's CMS, the future of e-learning may rest on whether needed must also be provided here. 71 percent), represent a higher percentage of overall courses offered in Rising e-learning course enrolment pushes student demand for computer they have a good or bad experience. If instructors are not trained to use 4.2 Presentation (Flash) File: AY 2001–2002 (11 percent versus 5 percent), and enroll more of the access, resulting in overcrowded computer labs. their CMS proficiently, they might be discouraged from adopting e- 1. Presentation will parse XML document and select and display content institutions' students (13 percent versus 7.5 percent). Continual planning is essential for keeping infrastructure up-to-date while learning. depending on language chosen. achieving high return on investment. For example, institutions must not only 2. Evaluate and Adapt Support Resources to Meet Evolving Needs: Instructor E-Learning Challenges Once instructors understand the basic CMS features, they quickly want to provide adequate computer lab facilities but also must equip them for 2. Images used will be in layered PNG format with text and image at different Instructors face new quandaries when implementing e-learning, mostly apply multimedia and other advanced technologies. Institutions must multimedia applications as students' needs evolve. layers. the time required to write rather than speak thoughts and to build interactivity Training Resources: therefore constantly adapt their resources and evolve training course 3. All cast names of learning object will be the file name so that it is possible into a course, and ongoing course maintenance (for example, updating Web Most institutions offer a menu of training resources for instructors, such as topics and design to meet changing support requirements. Some one-on-one consultation, classroom training sessions, and online tools, to institutions offer short focus sessions and online training to augment to identity and change them through the XML file. links). Time management also becomes essential as instructors risk getting classroom training. Others adapt staffing, for example, by hiring more address varying training needs and learning styles. While one-on-one 4. Every text area and frame must be able to expand to accommodate the overwhelmed by students' communications, especial y from the one-to-one instructional designers to meet growing demand. training offers personalized attention, resource constraints dictate the use of content. nature of instructor-student interaction in an online distance learning 3. Set Time Investment Expectations, Offer Time Management at least some classroom training. Classes reach a broader audience and course. When instructors teach an e-learning class, they must not only Training: Instructors and students frequently underestimated the amount The structure of the XML was designed so that it is self explanatory and it is range from scheduled sessions on specific topics to more systematic of time needed to create, adapt, teach, and take an e-learning course. easy to add new language and change not only text but also any image prepare for the class itself but also must develop contingency plans in case training programs. Classes can help instructors achieve technical Institutions should set instructors' expectations at the beginning of the of technical problems. Instructors must consider students' technical proficiency and provide a forum to exchange ideas. Institutions can present in the learning module to suit localization need. When localization course design process to help them plan accordingly. Time-management limitations—bandwidth and computer hardware, for example—when personalize the classroom experience by augmenting teacher-led sessions information is present any image within the <Image Replacements> tag will resources should be a priority. Other resources—a Web page, informal with staff members who answer specific questions and address issues on designing online distance-learning courses. Some might be tempted to workshops, or an orientation session to outline time-management be replaced with the replacement image. The system will look for these each attendee's desktop computer. Licensed online training resources are add multimedia components or complex Web pages to courses, but strategies and tips—could help instructors and students address this images using the <Path> tag. <Default Lang> tag selects the default gaining popularity because they provide just-in-time training, students might not have the network access to use them effectively. problem. language used. supplementstructured training sessions, offer a wider variety of training 4 5
  5. 5. Multiple Tariff Meters: 4. Scale Resources to Meet Growing Support Demands: Rising e- Emerging Technology-Smart Meter Electricity supply companies may charge customers different tariffs at learning support requests tax current resources, and institutions might not Prof. Rakesh Kumar different times of the day to better reflect the costs have the funds to expand them accordingly. Some clear-cut actions are to of generation and transmission. Since it is not turn every support request into an opportunity to promote technical self- Technically efficient and commercially viable distribution system is a key generally possible to store electricity during a sufficiency or incorporate easy-to-use e-learning support tools. Some constituent of the entire power supply chain management. Aggregate period of low demand for use during a period of share costs among institutions, using regional or system-wide high demand, costs will vary significantly Santa Banta Jokes Technical and Commercial losses (AT&C) in India has been of the order of consortium-style licensing agreements for CMS, especial y when depending on the time of day. Low cost generation about 38 % which is abnormally high. It was realized that reduction of these capacity such as coal can take many hours to upgrading to an enterprise version. Others leverage resources in losses was essential for economic viability to the state utility. The reach peak efficiency from a cold start, meaning a consortium, system, or open-source agreements, perhaps developing commercial losses are mainly due to low metering efficiency, theft and surplus in times of low demand, whereas high cost Titanic was sinking. online versions of the core courses that are offered across the university pilferage, poor energy accounting and billing. Application of smart energy but flexible generating capacity (such as gas An Englishman asked Santa, "How far is system. Some develop common processes and tools to achieve meter which is accurate, intelligent and have capability to communicate is turbines) must be kept available to respond at a essential. These meters involve application of modern technology and a moment's notice (spinning reserve) to periods of land"? economies of scale, for example, a systematized process to develop and paradigm shift in energy accounting and billing where consumers and peak demand, perhaps being used for a couple of Santa: 2 KMs. maintain course systems or create the course framework and select its supply company interests are at stake, accordingly a brief review of various hours or even minutes per day. Which is very expensive. Englishman jumped into sea. content central y, giving the instructor the course materials to teach. type of energy meters is presented. Electronic Meters: Englishman: Now, which direction? 5. Implement Locally and Cultivate Grassroots Support: Institutions An electric meter or energy meter is a device that measures the amount of Santa: Downwards! In addition to measuring electricity used, electronic meters can also record can augment central resources at the departmental level, especial y by electrical energy produced by a power generating company or supplied to other parameters of the load and supply such as maximum demand, power adding local y based instructional designers to fulfil department-specific consumers, The most common type of meter measures kilowatt hours. factor, etc. They can also include electronic clock mechanisms to compute a pedagogical needs. Another potentially important resource is value, rather than an amount of electricity consumed, with the pricing How did Santa tried to kill a bird?? When used in electricity distribution and retailing, the electric supply grassrootssupport. Frequently it is more convenient and contextual y varying by the time of day, day of week, and seasonally. These meters also companies record the values measured by these meters to generate bills for relevant for an instructor to solicit help from col agues with advanced electricity. The technology of energy meter has also under gone change with display the power used on an LCD and can be read automatically. He took it to the top of a building and technical skill s or e-learning experience. Other resources institutions can the advancement in the field of electronics, computing and communication. Smart Meter: dropped it from there to die. employ to promote local or grassroots interaction include online faculty Electro mechanical Meter: A smart meter is an advanced electrical energy meter that identifies “lounges” or bulletin boards, or department-sponsored instructor study consumption in more detail than a conventional meter; and communicates groups. As demand for e-learning support rises, a strong grassroots The electro mechanical induction meter operates by counting the Santa: I have swallowed a key. that information via some Network back to the local electric supply company revolutions of an aluminum disc which is made to rotate at a speed support network can help off-load the central support load. To implement proportional to the power. The number of revolutions is thus for monitoring and billing purposes Doctor: When? these ideas, central support departments should work with department proportional to the energy usage. It consumes a small Smart Meters involve a different technology mix, such as real-time or near Santa: 3 months back! heads to havean early user or core of early users in each department amount of power, typically around 2 watts. real-time sensors, power outage notification and power quality monitoring. Doctor: What were you doing till now? trained in the institution's CMS. The metallic disc is acted upon by two coils. One coil is Smart meters are also believed to be a less costly alternative to traditional Santa: I was using duplicate key, now I 6. Gain Administrative Support and Create Pro–E-Learning Policies: connected in such a way that it produces a magnetic flux interval or time-of-use meters and are intended to be used on a wide scale have lost it too. which is proportional to the voltage and the other produces with all customer classes, including residential customers. Interval and time- Administrative leadership needs to create a cohesive institutional vision a magnetic flux in proportion to the current. The field of the of-use meters are more of a legacy technology that historically has been and a set of policies for e-learning that foster adoption and cultural voltage coil is delayed by 90 degrees using a lag coil. This installed to measure commercial and industrial customers. Smart meters Santa falls in love with a nurse... After change. Instructors may wish to try e-learning, but the required time produces eddy current in the disc and the effect is such that a torque exerted on the disc is proportion to the product of may be part of a Smart Grid but do not constitute a smart grid. much thinking, he finally writes a love investment could dissuade them from doing so, especially if the administrative climate does not recognize or reward instructors' the instantaneous current and voltage. A permanent Why Smart Meter: letter to her: "I luv u sister." magnet exerts an opposing torque proportional to the speed of rotation of the participation in terms of tenure and promotion. Since the inception of electricity deregulation driven pricing throughout the disc. The equilibrium between these two opposing torques results in the disc rotating at a speed proportional to power being used. The disc drives a world, government regulators have been looking for a means to match Santa asked Banta: Why does USE AND BENEFIT : register mechanism which integrates the disc over time by counting consumption with generation. Traditional electrical meters only measure Manmohan Singh go for a walk in revolutions, much like the odometer a car, This is the most prevalent meter total consumption and as such, provide no information of when the energy The goal of this project is not to accommodate a complete localization of being used till recent time. evening? was consumed. Smart Meters provide an content but rather make is easy to translate content to another language with economical way of measuring this Banta: Very simple, because he is PM not Automatic Meter Reading (AMR): AM. very little effort. In the XML file, language can be both edited and additional information, allowing price setting agencies language added. When additional language is available the system will be AMR, is the technology of automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, to introduce different prices for consumption able to provide a language selection menu. The advantages of this simple and status data from energy metering devices and transferring that data to a based on the time of day and the season. Pappu while filling up a form: What central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing. These meters approach are: Electricity pricing usually peaks at certain should I write against mother tongue.? mainly saves utility providers the expense of periodic trips to each physical 1. It will allow content translation with minimum effort location to read a meter. Another advantage is billing can be based on near predictable times of the day and the season. Santa: Very long...! 2. It will allow to add multiple languages to any single learning object real time consumption rather than on estimates based on previous or In particular, if generation is constrained, 3. It will allow teachers and content developers more time to produce new predicted consumption. This timely information coupled with analysis, can prices can rise significantly during these help both electricity provider and consumers. times as more expensive sources of power Teacher: What should be in a book to learning objects 4. It will allow a language to display properly by changing font size as AMR technologies include handheld mobile and network technologies are purchased from other jurisdictions or more costly generation is brought make it a bestseller? different language is presented properly at different size on screen based on telephony platforms (wired and wireless), radio frequency (RF), or online. It is believed that billing customers by how much is consumed and at Pappu: A girl on the cover and no cover power line transmission what time of day will force consumers to adjust their consumption habits to on the girl. CONCLUSION : be more responsive to market prices. E-learning has become a great teaching tool in this current technological SMS from Prof. A.K. Khare The immediate implementation of Smart Meters in India is imperative to stop society. As more and more contents are developed they will become more What we ? are is God’s gift to us---What we become is power theft. Conventional meters can be manipulated to make them under- A lady calls Santa for repairing door bell. effective with proper multilingual support. The structure proposed in this our gift to god. register, effectively allowing power use without paying for it. Power Santa doesn't turns up for 4 days. companies often install remote-reporting meters specifically to enable Lady calls again, Santa replies: I come paper can be an effective guideline when developing these new contents. A pessimist will offer you a problem for every solution. ? remote detection of tampering, and specifically to discover energy theft. The Mostly we cannot run the e-services mentioned above efficiently or ?life I have never learned anything from a person In my change to smart meters is an answer to stop energy theft, low metering daily for 4 days, I press the bell but no smoothly, because of bandwidth shortage, delay and very high cost. who always agreed with me. efficiency, poor energy accounting and billing. one comes out. 6 7