Class1st day rules


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Class1st day rules

  1. 1. CLASSROOM PROCEDURESMrs. Ebert’s ClassroomAtlanta, Georgia
  2. 2. During ClassListen attentively to the teacherParticipate in all activitiesAsk permission to speak by raising yourhandNo talking, whispering, eating, or pencilsharpening
  3. 3. CourtesyBe polite & helpfulBe friendly & respectfulBe ready to learn
  4. 4. When a rule is broken…1.Verbal Warning2.Loss of Recess3.Parent Contact4.Referral to Administration
  5. 5. Afternoon DismissalReflect on the day’s workClean your work areaStay quietly seated after the bell ringsWait to be dismissed by the teacher
  6. 6. Homeworkwill be given on a certain day of theweekwill be collected on ThursdayAttention: if you are absent on the daythe homework is due, you are stillresponsible to submit it!NO Excuse!
  7. 7. Let’s have a productive and enjoyable year!