Social Media for Sports Clubs (Mansfield)


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This presentation was made to Mansfield Sports Clubs in April 2013 to help them make the best use of Social Media.

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  • Thanks for inviting me to talk to you about Social Media today My Name is Ian Wakefield and I am currently responsible for the Marketing and Communications at Sport Nottinghamshire. I’m also a fellow of CIMSPA and a Chartered Marketer.I will be talking for about 45 minutes and will cover the main elements of Social Media, what works and what doesn’t. I hope by the end of the presentation that you will have picked up a few ‘GOLDEN NUGGETS’ which you can take away with you and improve the way you do Social Media.Please don’t try and do everything I suggest as you would need a full time team of people, but ultimately the more interest and following your Club can generate through not only reputation and word of mouth but also it’s online presence the more likely you are to attract new members.We’re going to start with a short video which gives an incite into how the world has changed in terms of how we communicate/access information within the last few years I hope you enjoy.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of a sports scheme at UoN and NTU recently confirmed to me that if young people want to try a new sport or find a club, the first thing they do is google it or go onto YouTUBE.YouTUBE is now the second most popular search engine behind Google – it’s important that your Club has a presence on the web, and as we know how important ‘FIRST IMPRESSIONS’ are it’s important that their experience is a good one.
  • Not having a website is not an option in todays fast moving environment. Your website is central to your Social Media strategy.You will notice I referred in the film to 40 Mansfield clubs registered on our Club Finder – if yours is not one of them please register it.In the next few slides I’ve given some examples of website options – Ask for feedback!!
  • For all your online presence try to be consistent with your User name/DomainMake sure it say what you doAnd where you do itUse Google Keyword Search Tool e.g. Football in Nottingham 22,500 searches per monthNottingham Sports 18,500 (Sport Nottingham only (2400)Nottingham Cycling 3600Cycling Nottingham 3600Sports Clubs Nottingham 480Sports Clubs in Nottingham 480Mansfield Athletic Club 720Use the Popular terms in Tags and on your website and your Domain Username if possible.
  • Twitter feeds can be used for #Hashtags Usernames or Key words caution and monitoring required.
  • Alternatively download an eyedropper tool
  • How do you know your Social Media is working?Top Referrers important Monitor where your traffic is coming from Twitter is now our Top Referrer with approx 500 per month but this is building and Facebook now second with 200 from Facebook and 100 from Facebook Mobile
  • Setting up ! First impressions count
  • Why not get Twitter Usernames when people join up to the Club so that you can interact with them. Make lists on Twitter.
  • If you’re part of some sort of society/association/group of individuals linked in some way and you want to create a platform that facilitates a non-hierarchical discussion environment amongst a finite (manageable) number of people then you should look into creating a Group. Facebook Pages (unless admin-only) are public, can be found through search, and anyone can join. You can, however, limit them to being visible in certain countries (and to some extent certain ages) only.Facebook Groups can be public, closed (anyone can find Group, only members see posts) or secret (nobody can find the Group unless added by a member).There are two ways to join Groups – a Facebook friend adds you or you ‘ask to join’ and an admin of the Group accepts your request.Groups don’t allow much branding at all. You get only your profile picture (a small square image), and nothing else.Groups don’t allow other tabs/applications. This means you couldn’t run a competition, or have a contact page, welcome page or anything like that.My experience is that Group posts don’t go to your newsfeed. Instead, you get a ‘notification’ that someone has posted in the group. This can be both good and bad – it’s good because people definitely won’t miss it, no matter how long after you post the content they log onto facebook. Groups allow ‘shared documents’ as well as group chat.Fans of a Page cannot see everyone else who is a fan. Members of a group can see other members of that group.Both Pages and groups can create events, post images, allow commenting/liking, restrict posts to only admins, and create polls.
  • How many Facebook friends do you have? To put your friend count in perspective, the average user has 130. Facebook's official stats page is full of little gems like this, and more staggering stats, such as the fact that people spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook, while the current active official user count now stands at over 500 million.As far as Facebook the platform goes, over a million websites have integrated with Facebook, and more than 150 million people engage with Facebook on external websites every month.
  • As of February 2011, YouTube has 490 million unique users worldwide per month, who rack up an estimated 92 billion page views each month. We spend around 2.9 billion hours on YouTube in a month — over 325,000 years. And those stats are just for the main YouTube website — they don't incorporate embedded videos or video watched on mobile devices.Social media-related YouTube stats are just as impressive. YouTube says that on average there are more than 400 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link. Meanwhile, over on Facebook over 150 years worth of YouTube videos are watched every single day.
  • Customised Thumbnail really make a huge difference but this is only possible if you become a partner – this is possible through the settings area.You must however be in good status on copyright infringements - the more videos and better standing you are in the more features become enabled.In Video Programming allows you to add branding through all your videos and auto link to preferred Video’s
  • Use flickr to both :Source Photo’s for your website under (Creative Commons) See NGB’sAnd to host your Club Photo’s go pro for £20 for 2 years – unlimited storage /high res downloadsStream to your website.4 Billion Pictures on FlickrThe two main goals of Flickr are:Help people make their content available to people who matter to themEnable new ways of organising photo’s and video.YOU CAN ALSO EDIT IMAGES OF FLICKR VIA PICNIKCREATE SLIDESHOWS & CALENDARS FOR FREENO SOFTWARE REQUIRED.
  • Social Media for Sports Clubs (Mansfield)

    1. 1. Social Media & Comms SkillsMansfield Sports Club ForumApril 22nd 2013Ian WakefieldChartered Marketer (CIM) and Fellow of CIMSPAMarketing & Communications for Sport Nottinghamshire CSP and former Business Development Manager at CIMSPA.
    2. 2. The landscape is changing!Movie removed due to MB sizeIt can be viewed here
    3. 3. OverviewofthePresentationOverviewWebsitesTwitterFacebookYouTubeFlickrPress Releases
    4. 4. Keystatistics fromtheVideoPer Second:• 100,000 Tweets• 684,000 posts on Facebook• 2,000,000 Google searches• 48 hrs of YouTube video uploaded• 47,000 Apps downloaded
    5. 5. WhyuseSocial Media?“We are now in an age where informationfinds us! Not the other way around!”
    6. 6. Keyfeatures ofyourwebsiteEasy to find (Consistent with SoMe)Easy to NavigateLooks InspiringEncourages InteractionEasy to ContactRecognisable BrandingUp to dateAnalyticsGoogle AlertsEncourage Shares and Likes
    7. 7. Keyfeatures ofyourwebsiteShow people how useful andinformative it would be tofollow you on TwitterMake it easy for people toengage with you on allSocial Media Platforms
    8. 8. Branding -Colour MatchPowerPointsNewslettersSocial Media PlatformsEmailsGraphs (Hex Codes) (RGB Codes)
    9. 9. Google AnalyticsUnderstand your websiteWho is visiting?For how long?How do they find you?Search terms/wordsDesktop/Laptop/MobileWho refers for youWhat are the trends?Google Ads
    10. 10. Google Analytics -ReferralsUnderstand your websiteSocial Media TopPartnersGoogle
    11. 11. TwitterBranding your page Go to settings & design Background Colour Branding Header (Settings Profile) Icon (Logo) Description Twitter ID Spam Messages  Analytics via Sprout Social
    12. 12. TwitterBrand your pageTweet regularlyUse Tweriod (When)Schedule withTweetdeckUse TwilertsInteract with TweepsFollow the right TweepsBe GraciousBe interesting, Pictures, VidsUse Hashtags#FFMake the effort to use UNMT – Moderated TweetRemember starting a tweet with @ means only people following you and the @ will see it!
    13. 13. FacebookPage or Group?Use brandingChange Cover oftenAnnotate CoverMultiple AdminEncourage SharesPost links to websiteBe interestingAlways Fish where your Fish are!
    14. 14. FacebookPhoto’s• Use the Albums• Upload Video’s• Beware Copyrightissues• Tag People
    15. 15. Facebook Create in PPT save as JPEG Post Engaging Content Colour Match Tag People Weekly match fixtures Share with Friends Time your posts Competitions for Shares
    16. 16. Facebook insightsUnderstand the performance of your pageLearn which content resonates with your audience Optimise your posts
    17. 17. YouTubeUse brandingFilm your eventsFilm your trainingCreate a channelCreate PlaylistsSet links to other SoMeBest video as a Trailer
    18. 18. YouTubeMetatags• Titles are important• Content tags too• YouTube Keywords toolThumbnails• Accurate• Great ones help• Website overlaysBefore optimisationAfter optimisation
    19. 19. FlickrBuy a Digital CameraPhoto’s of:CoachesTrainingVenuesCompetitionsSocial eventsTag your photo’sBe aware of SafeguardingUse on WebsiteUse on Social Media
    20. 20. Killer Press ReleasesIan WakefieldChartered Marketer (CIM) and Fellow of CIMSPAMarketing & Communications for Sport Nottinghamshire CSP and former Business Development Manager at CIMSPA.
    21. 21. OverviewofthePresentation Responsibility The Hook/Headlines Lead Paragraph Body of the Press Release Recap & Conclusion Circulations Q&A
    22. 22. EverybodySomebody,AnybodyandNobody“There was an important job to be done and Everybodywas asked to do it. Everybody was sure Somebody woulddo it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.Somebody got angry about that because it wasEverybodys job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it,but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldnt do it. Itended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when actuallyNobody asked Anybody.”Responsibility
    23. 23. The Hook/Headlines Good Press Releases helpwith SEO Use a Good Hook! First impressions count Lead with a concept Be creative Test your headline Keep it succinct < 80 Ch Bold itRecent examples!Top International Fencers come to NottinghamEveryone has to start somewhere – evenOlympiansNottinghamshire is No 1 for School Games in theUKBecky Downie to be Ambassador for School ClubLinks in Nottinghamshire
    24. 24. Lead ParagraphTargetAudienceWho?What?Why?Where?When?How?
    25. 25.  Have a rubbish headline Not Newsworthy Full of Corporate Speak Filled with Marketing Speak Poorly edited, terrible grammar An Advert A Sales Pitch A Promotion NOT NEWSWORTHY!!Body of the Press release Include Stats and Figures Quotes Give more detail Think of your target audience Reinforce the message Avoid Jargon Include Resources Proof Read, Proof Read! 1 page MaxGood BadRemember this is going to people who write for a living!
    26. 26. Recap & Conclusion‘Tell em what you are going toTell em. Tell em. Then tell emwhat you told em! ‘ Ensure you include ‘About us’ Who to contact Check links Publish on your website Publish by Social Media
    27. 27.  Create a Circulation List Find out the Editors name Invite them to your events Network when possible Be gracious Tuesday Mornings best time Include Radio & TV Follow up.Circulations/Database
    28. 28. Ian Wakefield on Twitter : @iandwakefield or LinkedinAny Questions?