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Visual fusion brings ArcGIS data


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Visual fusion brings ArcGIS data

  1. 1. Visual Fusion brings ArcGIS data to the business user for better BI <br />Lansing, MI – February 23, 2011 – Visual Fusion business intelligence software now offers a connector for ESRI's ArcGIS 10, giving organizations an easy way to bring GIS content into applications with other enterprise data and cloud-based content. <br />Visual Fusion from IDV Solutions unites data sources in a visual, interactive context for better insight and understanding.  With the new connector, Visual Fusion takes valuable GIS data out of the domain of specialists and makes it available to everyone.  Now Visual Fusion users can easily combine GIS data with any other line-of-business or web data source in business-focused applications.  ArcSDE database content can be easily extracted, filtered, and styled for better understanding and faster decision making.  <br />New to Visual Fusion? Learn more about how this unique business intelligence software can empower your GIS initiatives here.<br />About IDV SolutionsIDV Solutions is a business intelligence software company committed to helping organizations gain more insight from data. By repeatedly solving key problems for customers around the globe as well as government agencies, IDV and its products have earned a reputation for innovation, speed, and the highest quality user experience. For more information, please visit .<br />