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Fetch! is the fastest, most convenient way to get key business data from throughout the enterprise and across the Web, whenever you need it, wherever you are.

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  • Scenario1:An unanticipated question pops up on a meeting, “how’s the store in Miami doing this month?” Nobody has their laptop fired up, but you need an answer right away.Armed with Fetch, you could instantly retrieve stats showing revenue is up 10% this quarter over last year and up 15% over last quarter; also, the Miami store currently ranks #2 out of 7 like stores in the Greater SE region.Scenario 2:You are traveling to a particular city on business and find out that the local district manager would like an impromptu review.  The plane door is about to close, and you need the latest info to prep for the review.Within one minute on Fetch! you can pull 3 key pieces of information: the PerformancePoint scorecard for the district, the manager’s personnel file from a SharePoint Library, and an SSRS report on the most recent 360 Evaluations from all her reports.Scenario 3:You are a security officer out on duty, and you’re alerted to an incident in building 121.  Youneed to go investigate armed with all the key information that building.With Fetch you can immediately retrieve a composite Building Report containing the facility POC info, a floor plan, a headcount from access control, and a list/map of all recent incidents in/near that building.Scenario 4:You are in NYC on business and get a message that a customer called with an issue.  A meeting has been hastily set up, and as you’re cabbing over you need the latest info on the account before heading into the meeting.
  • Fetch! core deck

    1. 1. {<br />Mark Morrison, CEO<br />Ian Clemens, CTO<br />1<br />
    2. 2. Who Is IDV Solutions?<br />IDV is a business intelligence <br />software company <br />committed to helping <br />organizations gain <br />more insight from data<br /><ul><li>Based in Lansing, MI
    3. 3. Founded January, 2004
    4. 4. Global 2000 Customer Base
    5. 5. Microsoft Managed Partner</li></li></ul><li>Fetch! is the fastest, most convenient way to get key business data from throughout the enterprise and across the Web, whenever you need it, wherever you are.<br />3<br />Fetch!<br />whatever<br />whenever<br />wherever<br />
    6. 6. 4<br />VS.<br />Fetch!<br />Visual Fusion<br />unprecedented visualization<br />of enterprise data<br />unprecedented <br />mobile access <br />to enterprise data<br />
    7. 7. 5<br />Whatever, Whenever, Wherever<br />Grab records, reports, <br />and custom BI <br />mash-ups made <br />up of:<br /><ul><li>Data grids & text
    8. 8. Charts & graphs
    9. 9. Documents & images
    10. 10. Scorecards
    11. 11. Maps</li></li></ul><li>6<br />Fetch! Benefits<br />Whether in the boardroom, in the field, or on the road…<br />Accessanswers quickly on the go<br />Respondto customs & stakeholders instantly<br />Resolveproblems faster<br />Makedecisions in real-time<br />
    12. 12. 7<br />SALES<br /><ul><li>Forecast
    13. 13. Leads/Opportunities
    14. 14. Stages/Stalled/Neglected
    15. 15. Activity Summary</li></ul>Fetch! for the Entire Organization<br />
    16. 16. Fetch! for the Entire Organization<br />8<br />MARKETING<br /><ul><li>Lead Source Summary
    17. 17. Event/Campaign Performance
    18. 18. Upcoming Events/Campaigns
    19. 19. Product List/Prices</li></li></ul><li>Fetch! for the Entire Organization<br />9<br />SECURITY<br /><ul><li>Incidents Summary
    20. 20. Building Report
    21. 21. Event Impact
    22. 22. Travel Advisory</li></li></ul><li>Fetch! for the Entire Organization<br />10<br />ASSETS<br /><ul><li>Performance Scorecard
    23. 23. Store/Territory/Asset Details
    24. 24. Projections/Targets
    25. 25. Customers Profile</li></li></ul><li>11<br />Fetch! for the Entire Organization<br />SALES<br /><ul><li>Forecast
    26. 26. Leads/Opportunities
    27. 27. Stages/Stalled/Neglected
    28. 28. Activity Summary</li></ul>SECURITY<br /><ul><li>Incidents Summary
    29. 29. Building Report
    30. 30. Event Impact
    31. 31. Travel Advisory</li></ul>MARKETING<br /><ul><li>Lead Source Summary
    32. 32. Event/Campaign Performance
    33. 33. Upcoming Events/Campaigns
    34. 34. Product List/Prices</li></ul>ASSETS<br /><ul><li>Performance Scorecard
    35. 35. Store/Territory/Asset Details
    36. 36. Projections/Targets
    37. 37. Customers Profile</li></li></ul><li>12<br />Fetch! for the Entire Organization<br />SUPPLY CHAIN<br /><ul><li>Performance Dashboard
    38. 38. Supplier Report
    39. 39. Product Inventory/In Transit
    40. 40. Demand Map</li></ul>PROJECT MGMT.<br /><ul><li>Project Summary
    41. 41. Task/Milestone/Budget Status
    42. 42. Resource Performance
    43. 43. Risk Summary</li></ul>FINANCE<br /><ul><li>YTD Free Cash Flow
    44. 44. Current AR/AP
    45. 45. Projected Revenues/Cost
    46. 46. EOQ Punch List</li></ul>PERSONNEL<br /><ul><li>Personnel Summary
    47. 47. Salary & Benefits Report
    48. 48. Upcoming Vacation Summary
    49. 49. Org Chart</li></li></ul><li>13<br />Fetch!<br />in Action<br />Product Demonstration<br />
    50. 50. 14<br />Fetch! for the Developer<br />Fetch! provides a framework to rapidly build out the real-time reports your team needs.<br />1<br />2<br />3<br />Azure-based Management Portal to manage users and direct traffic<br />Browser interface compatible with WP7, iOS and Android devices, and email access for the rest<br />Light on-premise footprint to define connections and commands<br /><ul><li>XML configuration to rapidly develop quick queries or custom data mash-ups
    51. 51. Unlimited data sources</li></li></ul><li>15<br />Fetch! Architecture<br />
    52. 52. Secured User Setup - unique URL to sign-up for each user<br />Authenticated User Access - unique login for each user<br />SSL Encryption - both web and email access (optional)<br />Fetch Firewalled within Azure by Microsoft <br />Secured “Windows Azure Service Bus” Connection <br />Configurable Security Trimming - restricted access to data<br />Customer Data is Not Stored on Fetch Servers in Azure<br />Images, maps are temporarily, securely cached <br />Fetch! is Secure<br />16<br />
    53. 53. Thank You!<br />For more information on Fetch! visit us on the web, follow us on Twitter®, see us on Flickr®, watch us on YouTube®, or go old school and give us a call!<br />www.idvsolutions.com l (517) 853.3755 l info@idvsolutions.com<br />