Eating in Britain


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Eating in Britain

  1. 1. Eating inBritain
  2. 2. Contents0. Introduction 1. How to move around2.What do they eat? 3.What do they drink?4.Food Idioms5. Do you want to know more?
  3. 3. Introducti onEating habits have changed a great deal and nowadays you caneat almost any kind of food in Britain, from Italian toIndonesian, but there are certain things that are consideredtypically British. Do you know what the British have forbreakfast? Do you know the name of the different meals? Haveyou ever tried Yorkshire pudding? DICTIONARY MAIN MENU DICTIONARY
  4. 4. How to move aroundClik on the arrows to go forward or backwards through the slides.Clik on a word to check its pronunciation.Clik on the Dictionary button if you want to know the meaning ofa word.Clik on the Menu button if you want to go back to the main menu Clik on the different section buttons if you want to go to aconcrete section. DICTIONARY MAIN MENU DICTIONARY
  5. 5. What do theyeat? Breakfas t Lunch Dinne r Supper
  6. 6. Breakfas tThe typical English breakfast usually consists of Mushrooms Tomato Sausages BaconOatcakes or toasts Baked beans Fried eggs DICTIONARY
  7. 7. But they also have other things on weekdaysCereals with milk Toasts with marmale or jamPorridge DICTIONARY MAIN MENU DICTIONARY
  8. 8. LunchYou can have lunch between 12 and 2 in the afternoon. Onweekdays it consists of something not very elaborated, likea packed lunch, or fish and chips with some salad. A sandwich, a packet of crisps and some fruit Fish and chips DICTIONARY MAIN MENU DICTIONARY
  9. 9. Dinne rOn weekdays dinner is usually between 6 and 8 in theevening. It is the main meal of the day. It normally hassome kind of meat or fish, vegetables and potatoes. vegetables meat potatoes DICTIONARY MAIN MENU DICTIONARY
  10. 10. However, on weekends dinner is eaten in theafternoon and apart from meat, vegetables andpotatoes, they usually have Yorkshire pudding, allcovered with Gravy sauce. Gravy sauce Yorkshire pudding DICTIONARY MAIN MENU DICTIONARY
  11. 11. Suppe rSupper in Britain is a sort of snack after the eveningmeal and before going to bed. It normally consists of awarm drink and some biscuits. Warm milk Biscuits DICTIONARY MAIN MENU DICTIONARY
  12. 12. What do theydrink? Tea Beer Apple Cider DICTIONARY MAIN MENU DICTIONARY
  13. 13. TeaTea is the most popular drink in England, and you can haveit strong and dark, with a slice of lemon, or with milkThe most common tea breaks are at 11 in the morning, andat 4 in the afternoon, but it is always a good moment tohave cup of tea DICTIONARY MAIN MENU DICTIONARY
  14. 14. BeerBeer is also very popular and there are differentkinds produced in Britain, like ale, cask ale and stout DICTIONARY MAIN MENU DICTIONARY
  15. 15. Apple CiderAlthough it is called apple cider it can also be made of pear.It can be sweet or dry, fizzy or still and it doesnt have a lotof alcohol. DICTIONARY MAIN MENU DICTIONARY
  16. 16. Food IdiomsHere you are some expressions using food:(to have) a bun in the oven = to be pregnantcheesy = sillya piece of cake = very easy(not my) cup of tea = (not) something you enjoy a lot(to be) full of beans = (to be) full of energy DICTIONARY MAIN MENU DICTIONARY
  17. 17. Do you want to know more?Of course there is much more to say about British foodand British eating habits. If you want to know more,here you are some ideas: Desserts Eating habits Tea Beer Other recipes