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This is the presentation I delivered at Inspired as part of Dott Cornwall.

I talked about thinkpublic's co-design work with the Alzheimer's Society, and then how I see this sort of work as disrupting 'business as normal' for service providers, and going some way towards creating a platform for different sorts of engagement by patients and staff.

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  • We’re thinkpublic. Programmers, Graphic Designers, Service Designers, Ethnographic (researchers), Psychologists, Film Makers, Versatile team. Based in London. Work across the UK. Fortunate enough to be invited to talk internationally!
  • We use our various expertise to create innovative solutions to big social challenges. Earlier this week I saw a programme on British TV called Dispatches about the upcoming British election and David Cameron. Without getting into the politics of it, either way government swings what is certain is there will be tax cuts. So we’ve 3 options: Same service, less quality – simply slice a section off Less service, same quality – simply remove areas of provision More service, more quality – redesign services around individuals need
  • Some of our clients
  • Co-design is a process that builds on that premise. A users experience can contribute to improving a service. Both users, and those with the experience and knowledge of delivery can work together…
  • Going to give you an example we’ve been working on for last 2 years… The Department of Health were looking to the third sector for support in providing services that support older people.
  • With the Alzheimr’s Society large membership and the trust they have across the UK they were in a position to design services for people with dementia that radically improve their lives. However , designing new services to actually and effectively address the needs of people is challenging , we can fall into the trap of second guessing what’s needed.
  • The trick to design services that are fit-for purpose, and work is to co-design them We’ve been working with the Alzheimer’s Society: developing the Dementia Adviser service and The Guidebook. ==== But before going further, let’s explore this a bit further.
  • What is the Dementia Adviser? To give you some background into the project, I’d like to show you a short film that was developed with people with dementia in the North East. [[ALZHEIMER’S FILM]]
  • Those insights were filmed by people with dementia, and partners – we trained them in interviewing skills, to capture their experiences of living with dementia. Understand their needs, but also the context and their capabilities. Discovery phase of the project.
  • So, we if engaging with service users in co-designing innovative new services for people with dementia is the way forward, then how do we do it ? Thankfully, it’s simple . We’ll talk about three techniques that we’ve used: Prototyping Observing There are lots of others – some of which I’m sure you’ve been using yourselves.
  • So now I’ll talk about platforms – and infrastructure. Underlying base / foundation for organisation or system.
  • Technology platforms: Internet – a series of protocols JP Ragaswami wrote a great post about Facebook as a platform and how it works. … .
  • NHS. Not delivering healthcare. But a platform for us, collectively, to better manage our health. Shift from vending machine government – taxes in – services out. More creative. At the moment co-design is usually limited to project based approach, I want to see more of this happening, more consistently.
  • Co-design is a process that builds on that premise. A users experience can contribute to improving a service. Both users, and those with the experience and knowledge of delivery can work together… Short film to explain. [[SHORT FILM]]
  • Thinking Public - Inspired Dott

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