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Native speaker

N for Native Speaker

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Native speaker

  1. 1. By Ido Stamler
  2. 2.   “A native speaker (NS) of a language is a person who has acquired the language a their first language in childhood. Native speakers are considered to know this language intuitively, and to use it accurately, fluently and appropriately.”  (Scott Thornbury, An A-Z of ELT) What is a native speaker?
  3. 3.   Up until the 1990’s, it was believed that the objective of L2 learners was to achieve the level of a native English speaker.  Native speakers were considered to be better ESL teachers, regardless of proficiency or experience.  Any difference from speaking as a native speaker was considered a failure. Native Speakers in ESL- The Past
  4. 4.   Nowadays, the definitions of native speaker vs. non- native speaker are obsolete.  Many people today are bilingual- speak two languages or more proficiently.  Non-native speakers have learned English in a classroom, and so are more equipped to teach it to others. Native Speakers in ESL- Today
  5. 5.  L2 Users & Expert Users Non-Native Speaker are divided today into:
  6. 6.  Example of an L2 User 
  7. 7.   Anyone who know a second language and uses it in life, regardless of level.  Their knowledge of the language is lesser than that of a native speaker.  Usually speak with accents, and choose different grammatical structures and syntax than monolinguals. L2 User:
  8. 8.   Example of an Expert User:
  9. 9.   Proficient, high level users of a language- regardless whether it is their first language or not.  Use more colorful language. Insert adverbs and idioms such as: “hold your horses”, “know the ropes”, “mum’s the word”, etc.  Use suitable grammatical structures, including the perfect tenses. Expert User:
  10. 10.   Scott Thornbury, An A-Z of ELT  Vivian Cook, The Native Speaker  Vivian Cook, Creating L2 Users References: