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Agate Levelup MoMo@JMW2014


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Agate Studio's presentation during MobileMonday @ Jakarta Marketing Week 2014. Agate discussed Advergaming whys & hows. This is a branch of game development that is very relevant with marketing/brand folks. Engaging your customers through games? Yes, it's possible.

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Agate Levelup MoMo@JMW2014

  1. 1. GAME BASED MARKETING INDONESIA GAMING INSIGHT 1.1 Vincentius Hening W. Ismawan @skullomonster
  3. 3. GAME through all audience segments Lamborghini, as super luxury automotive brand also launch Huracan driving simulation game in their website Magnum, representing adult feminine ice cream brand, consecutively launched more than 3 web games (2011-2013) Olympic Change - Russia, create gamified campaign for all ages (including elderly citizen) to do squat in front of arcade system to get free subway ticket
  4. 4. 70%site of the months winners = games or applied game mechanics: • Achievements • Goals • Rule • Scoring • Competition DOMINATION FWA = Favorite Website Awards, the no.1 global website awarding / review.
  6. 6. 64% 25% 11% Age Demographic Indonesian Gamers on Facebook <1920-35 35+ 1 out of 3 Are playing games Sources • ( /7/Pengguna-Internet-di-Indonesia-Didominasi-Anak-Muda) • ( media-landscape-q1-2011-2nd-salingsilangcom-report) • source: Facebook Create an Ad
  7. 7. Gamer Generation Understanding • Achievement oriented • Pursuing positive feedback • Less brand loyal • Gen Z is the first generation who experience digital/internet era since they were born • Gen Z is born mostly from dual income family and more spoiled in entertainment Y Z1995 - 2012 1977 - 1994 Sources: 1 2 Frontier Marketing Club Seminar, April 2014
  8. 8. Commitment HARDCORE gamer: 25-32 hours / week (47%) CASUAL gamer: less than 8 hours / week (66%) Some of the hardcore gamer are actually playing in less time per week: 9-16 hours (22%) Top preferences situation • After work/class • While waiting – killing time purpose • Before sleep Money Spent Hardcore Gamer treat games as NEEDS Regardless of their income / spending level.
  9. 9. Reasons of Play • People who play (entertainment) games are not motivated by real prize • Most gamers are motivated by the gameplay itself This segment can be utilized as the brand loyalist once they have engaged with the gameplay 60%21% 8% 11% MOTIVATION Gameplay is fun, not boring Theme, Characters, Visual Elements Friends has played Updates & Surprises +Benefits of local contents: 43% gamers regard local contents bring unique attraction to play.
  10. 10. BRAND INVOLVEMENT IN GAME • Developing game based promotion still bring positive impact to the brand, as long as the game is good (quality & experience). Then player will enjoy it. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Perception Gameplay no. 1 Appreciate the Brand Prize no. 1
  12. 12. Indonesia Brand Goals* Advergame Project Goal 4P’ PROMOTION Goals REMIND PERSUADE INFORM Drive SAMPLING & FREQUENCY DATA GATHERING ENGAGEMENT Drive CROWD (BTL event) Market Research, Lead Generation MARKET EDUCATION *from our 4 years of experience in advergame industry
  13. 13. agatelevelup| introduction- 2014 7000 daily users Indonesia 30k Monthly Active Users Click to play game 1st Winner 230,000 Userbase HOW WE DO THIS? • Strong theme: Football • Super social gameplay (community based) • 2 years intensive maintenance and customer service Sponsorship Open
  14. 14. agatelevelup| introduction- 2014 SALES DRIVER: Pocari Sweat Futsal Online (2012) Pocari Sweat wanted to create engagement program, supporting the BTL campaign Pocari Sweat Futsal Championship. This online campaign collaborates with the biggest mini market chain in Indonesia, Alfamart, to create unique code through purchasing in store. • A real social gameplay: player must cooperate with his friend to get succeed in the competition. Teamwork is important. • 10-15 action per day, to make the interaction casual • Good reception on PocariID wall, and special fan made group More than 40% Retention rate: users who play today and come back tomorrow More than 5300 Players on 30 first day All time Total Sales >9900 bottles From 5 months campaign 2 users bought 483 Bottle within 5 months Click to play video = 3Bottles /DAY
  15. 15. agatelevelup| introduction- 2014 • 2012, Cerebrovit Xcel wants to create its IP, brand engagement in digital, and product activation (push sales) using the game • The game brings the twist of popular social game into school centered virtual world, where they can socialize around with virtual friends • Player will need to improve their intelligences to be the best in school, as well as improving the school’s accreditation rating Result: • 6 minutes average all site visit duration • 201 peak daily active users • The client was satisfied with the game performance and decided to extend & update the game up to 1.5 year ENGAGEMENT Cerebrovit Academy achieves the 1st winner of INAICTA 2013 – Advergame Category
  16. 16. agatelevelup| introduction- 2014 CROWD DRIVER: BNI Jimbe Flood Runner (2014) Result Very effective way to improve Below The Line – Activation. Almost everybody is coming to the booth, getting curious to try this game Improve conversion rate to new opening account up to 3x Mission: • Driving Crowd to Booth by creating curiosity & excitement. This is another challenge to overcome. While BNI is sponsoring Java Jazz 2014, musical theme is brought to the game. We modify a Jimbe (musical instrument) with sensors & LED to perform as controller in the game. The game itself is branded with flood theme, which was an unforgettable disastrous moment to audience who live in Jakarta regions but transformed in a fun way. Fun fact: Most player will get his/her hand slightly bruised after hitting the jimbe very hardly Click to play video
  17. 17. Thank You! @skullomonster
  18. 18. SMILE! IT’S MONDAY This slide was presented in Jakarta Marketing Week 2014 “NETIZEN Hour” a joint event MarkPlus & MobileMonday Indonesia @ 12 May 2014
  19. 19. Is a non-profit networking community of professionals and businesses in the mobile industry. We are part of worldwide MobileMonday (MoMo) network. Our intention is to encourage innovation in the industry and to increase relevance of mobile technology in real life through open, honest communications, facilitated by the networking event. @idmomo idmomo idmomo