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Idiom education projects


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Published in: Design
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Idiom education projects

  1. 1. Education projects Case studies
  2. 2. MANIPALA Global Community. A Global University (Year: 1999)
  3. 3. Trigger 1. A Cumulative Past Post Dr. TMA Pai, what really integrates the brand? 2. A consolidated Present Post liberalisation what examples do we set for the group constituents to emulate so that the brand is invigorated? 3. A planned Future In the ‘Globalisation era’ how do we become an inspiring beacon brand?
  4. 4. Insight Manipal the ‘Conceptual place’ is like Nalanda, a centre for learning / development and well being - a beacon that draws you to itself
  5. 5. Design Thinking Manipal Many bodies One Soul More than a business group, a community with shared values and a common Goal
  6. 6. Brand Positioning ‘Inspired By Life’ Integrating by creating a vision which is based on the past and is a projection of the future
  7. 7. The IdentityA unified identity that is asmuch Global as it is rooted.The symbol borrows its form froman architectural structure that hasstood the test of time and haswitnessed many sunsets
  8. 8. Brand ArchitectureIntegrating various institutesunder one common identity
  9. 9. IntegrationA journey over 3 distinctperiods and 3 generationsA journey that is continuous
  10. 10. Inspiring CommunicationGrooming people to not just be doctors / engineers but be inspired by life
  11. 11. Inspiring CommunicationA film which is likea music video
  12. 12. Inspiring CommunicationDesigning Communication that is memorable
  13. 13. Celebrating a milestoneA landmark celebrationfor the Global Family
  14. 14. Branding of programmesCreating a brand for the distance education programme
  15. 15. Experience DesignCreating a truly global inspiring campus
  16. 16. Branding of the Sports ArenaThe new Manipal indoorsports Arena
  17. 17. WE SCHOOLCreating future leaders (year: 2007)
  18. 18. Trigger To transform Welingkar institute of management from a conventional business school into contemporary future oriented dynamic institute that is geared for emerging realities An institute that stands for innovation
  19. 19. InsightIn a country of entrepreneurs, Welingkarneeds to be more than just a B-SchoolWhen academics, corporate and society come together,the effects of innovation for progress becomes threefold
  20. 20. The Brand Name We school The brave new name completely debunks typical management college name A holistic new perspective that is inclusive and therefore it is ‘We School’ as apposed to B-School
  21. 21. The IdentitySimple yet dynamicThe ‘trikon’ - triangular formrepresents body, mind and soulis a very potent symbol and alsorepresents society, academicsand corporates working togethertowards a bright future
  22. 22. The Positioning We school and not a B-School We is the New I Welingkar Education and not just management education
  23. 23. Establishing a cultureSharing and optimistic, the culture isone of collaboration and transformation
  24. 24. Experience Design: Transforming EnvironmentsTransforming our environment first so that we cantransform the business environment‘Peoplescaping’ as apposed to Landscaping.Encouraging interactions and activities
  25. 25. Experience Design: Creating AtmospheresCreating atmosphere for education and industry.To create leaders for the new Indian economy
  26. 26. Experience Design: Creating ExperiencesSeveral individual spaces that coming together to allow one to explore,experiment and experience; it is about experiential learning
  27. 27. Programme Branding: InnoweDesigning a dynamic Memeticsand Innovation center
  28. 28. Launching the identityLaunching the identity in 24 cities through a moving exhibition.Creating a powerful impact and leaving an impression
  29. 29. Experience Design: Mumbai CampusApplying the new identity and infusing thenew culture in the existing Mumbai campus
  30. 30. Communication DesignDesigning exciting merchandise and communication to helpstudents to start living the new philosophy and the identity
  31. 31. Environmental Graphics
  32. 32. OAKRIDGEEvery child is special (year: 2008)
  33. 33. Trigger Creating a school brand that is truly international in every aspect
  34. 34. Insight ‘Children’ cannot be classifies into one homogenous community. A school needs to be designed to cater to different age groups
  35. 35. Design Thinking DO - FEEL - KNOW as apposed to KNOW - FEEL - DO
  36. 36. Brand Positioning Open Minds A mind that is open to self discovery, new thoughts and ideas for growth
  37. 37. The IdentityDandelion =Free thought =Open mindsA light and colourful floatingseed conveys an open mind
  38. 38. School Experience DesignRethinking school architectureDesigning for different age groups inone single corridor-less school
  39. 39. Communication DesignDesigning for a communityof future creative leaders
  40. 40. Communication DesignOpen minds for open growth
  41. 41. Communication DesignOpening up new possibilities
  42. 42. Business Design Creating a sustainable business model Ideas for better utilization of infrastructure Ideas for innovative fee structures New business ideas that compliment the core business of education Ideas for strengthening parent-school relationships
  43. 43. Business DesignGearing up the team and preparingthem for the new future
  44. 44. OIInteractive Learning (year: 2010)
  45. 45. Trigger To design a future ready play school A school that also acts as a feeder school to Oakridge International
  46. 46. Insight Outside real world experiences are much more richer in learning Can we create a school that is able to bring in outside world experiences inside?
  47. 47. Design Thinking Real world discovery + Interactivity
  48. 48. Brand IdentityOi - Open InteractiveOi - Oakridge InternationalA fun yet solid logorepresenting interaction and fun
  49. 49. FriendsThe 3 mascots of the playschool I do I See I Learn
  50. 50. Experience DesignRecreating outside world experiences.Designed like a little barn
  51. 51. Interactive CommunicationEvery piece of communication was designed to be interactive and fun
  52. 52. KARAA Fun play school (Year: 2009)
  53. 53. Playful and Interactive communication and graphics
  54. 54. PSBBLearning beyond text book (Year: 2003)
  55. 55. TriggerA new age start up school wanting its students to go beyondmere textual knowledge and be rooted in the Indian culture
  56. 56. Insight With grandparents far away, who will tell kids all about what they seldom teach in school?
  57. 57. Design ThinkingThe wall cyclopediaBring life to the corridors bydesigning a wall cyclopediathat talks all about Indianculture and folk tales
  58. 58. Experience DesignEach wall tells a storyHistory, mythology,environment awareness,leaders, the universe - allexplained from an Indianpoint of view
  59. 59. Experience DesignCreating an intriguing environment wherechildren want to learn more
  60. 60. Thank You! Pooja Mehta +91 9343832545 Idiom Design and Consulting Ltd., Joseph Chemmanur Hall, 1st Stage, 1st Cross, Indiranagar, Bengaluru - 560 038