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Future Group office case study


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Published in: Design
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Future Group office case study

  1. 1. Future Retail Home Office
  2. 2. A dream Using simplicity and happiness, the company achieves disproportionate growth. Future Retail Home Office will be a place where ideas get converted into actions.
  3. 3. Brief The new centralised corporate office will reflect and live the values and philosophies of the company.The vision is to create an exciting and inspiring place for people to work. Uniting actions The centralised office will house all the Future Group departments that will work together efficiently under the same roof. VIKHROLI, MUMBAI 8 FLOORS 175,000 SQ.FT Where values matter
  4. 4. Our experience includes observing, studying benchmarks, capturing information through photographs, quick doodling, brainstorming and discussions. A culmination of this is the i-SHEET—a document that’s the backbone and inspiration for all design development. This stage of ideation and design detailing helps put together an i-MAP, where ideas with maximum potential are selected and further expanded. The final lap, where Idiom designs are executed, in collaboration with Future group team, vendors, printers, carpenters and fabricators. Prototypes are created, refined and finally accomplished. OUR PROCESS
  5. 5. Insights Keeping in mind the three main characteristics—simplicity, happiness and disproportionate growth—Idiom looked at different levels of the organization as the MIND (middle management), BODY (workforce) and SOUL (thought leadership).
  6. 6. INSIGHTS MIND BODY SOUL The organization was looked at from the perspective of a human being and the various parts that make him a whole.The workforce make up the LIMBS, the management levels make up the BODY and the thought leaders make up the SOUL. A metaphorical zoning of the organization into mind, body and soul
  7. 7. clean simple open green inviting warm open + flexible interactive interact + share welcoming flexible INSIGHTS MOODBOARD
  9. 9. Ideas Being flexible, fluid The idea was to understand and incorporate Indian values, which forms the core of Future Group. An office space that celebrates cultural diversities and modern ideas. Individual spaces, group spaces and lounge areas were created across floors, which encouraged interaction across people. Frugality was brought into design and thinking, and the best opportunities were created with available resources. Idiom designed each floor around a particular art form making it relevant to the company.
  10. 10. IDEAS GROUND FLOOR DESIGN IDEAS The ground floor is the first impression that guests have of the office.Through scale and impactful design, it reflects the solidity of the group. It also welcomes people in with small Indian touches. The ‘Atrium’, where guests are welcomed, and efficiently directed.
  11. 11. IDEAS FOURTH FLOOR DESIGN IDEAS The fourth floor is where the group’s partners are made to feel like part of the team. Here strategies are discussed, partnerships are entered into and relationships are managed.The space talks about these collaborations, and reflects the group’s commitments to its partners. The ‘Marketplace’ is the place where relationships are built with partners.
  12. 12. IDEAS FIFTH FLOOR DESIGN IDEAS Through the art form of ‘Warli’, the fifth floor depicts certain Indian work ethics of the group. It also reflects the groups retail mantra: RETAIL IS OUR RELIGION, CUSTOMER IS OUR GOD, STORE IS OURTEMPLE, WORK ISTRULY OUR WORSHIP. The ‘Action Force’ is where projects are brought into reality.
  13. 13. IDEAS SIXTH FLOOR DESIGN IDEAS The entire food floor is inspired by the food habits, shopping preferences and health care of Indian families and home makers.The space is also inspired by Indian bazaars.The in-house food brands are also displayed and celebrated. ‘Food Republic’ celebrates food and the way the group sells it.
  14. 14. IDEAS SEVENTH FLOOR DESIGN IDEAS The floor is inspired by both traditional Indian merchandise as well as the contemporary, and showcases it through the Kantha textile tradition. It reflects the spirit of Indian bazaars. ‘India Mart’ brings alive everyday ordinary things around the house.
  15. 15. IDEAS EIGHTH FLOOR DESIGN IDEAS The floor is inspired by the different customer profiles that exist in the home segment. It features their lifestyles and preferences. ‘Home Station’ reflects the insights of the modern Indian home.
  16. 16. IDEAS NINTH FLOOR DESIGN IDEAS Here the soul of each brand comes alive. The space also encourages discussion and exchange of ideas. ‘Soch’ or ‘Knowledge’ reflects the cultural ideas and rituals of the group.
  17. 17. IDEAS TENTH FLOOR DESIGN IDEAS The walls quote the world’s greatest minds and their thoughts on brilliance. One sees art pieces of the group’s values and history.The heritage and the culture is reiterated. ‘Vichaar’ or ‘Vision’ celebrates brilliance, and makes way for new ideas.
  18. 18. IDEAS ENTRANCE LOBBY ZONING Simplicity and scale The entrance reception takes cues from the check-in counters at the airport. A row of help desks ensure that visitors are attended to immediately.
  19. 19. IDEAS BUSINESS + EXPERIENCE LOUNGE ZONING The fourth floor is designed to accommodate training rooms, buyers showrooms, discussion rooms, guest rooms and staff recreation. The space is designed to suit a range of specific needs
  20. 20. IDEAS TYPICAL FLOOR PLANS Open work spaces with a number of informal meeting spaces to encourage interaction and exchange between employees. Flexible, open, interactive
  21. 21. IDEAS TYPICAL WORKSPACE MODULE Open as well as closed working environments allow for group work as well as focused work. Teamwork for better productivity
  22. 22. IDEAS DESIGN IDEAS: CABIN STYLES THE BIGTABLE BACKTO ROOTS THE LOUNGE THE ALL-IN-ONE Proposing different cabin styles to suit different working styles.
  23. 23. IDEAS DESIGN IDEAS: VENDING MACHINES REFERENCES DISTRIBUTION OF MACHINES VENDING OFFERINGS DISTRIBUTION OF MACHINES An eye for detail. Basic needs such as vending machines, printer requirements were accounted for.
  24. 24. Implementation The finale! With the chosen designs, the office exudes warmth and Indianness that Future Group stands for.
  25. 25. Reflecting the group’s culture Concept space for the corporate identity/ culture Simplicity Happiness Disproportionate growth Converting ideas to action Celebrating diversity