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Git in eclipse


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How to set up EGit in eclipse.
How to use git in eclipse.

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Git in eclipse

  1. 1. Git in Eclipse:EgitAbdul Munim Dibosh
  2. 2. Install Egit• Open eclipse.• Now Help>Install New Software• Add….• In the next dialog box-• Name-”Egit” Location-• In the next Few screens select all and proceed.• When the installation completes it will ask you to restart eclipse. Do it.
  3. 3. Using Egit-Creating your local repo• Simple,just right click on your project and then-• Team>Share Project>Git>Create>”give a name”(don’t change the location)• A local git has been created.• Now if you want to add the files click ‘add to index’• Click ‘Commit’ for commiting.
  4. 4. Using Egit-Push in remote repo• Once you have created the local repo-• Right click your project and then—• Team>Remote>Push…• Give the proper https URL of your remote repo in URI field in the next window.• Give username and password.• Proceed.
  5. 5. Using existing remote repo• Clone your remote repo project.• Open that in your eclipse.• Right click then Team>Share Project>Select Existing….>select yours one(you should see there only yours one is present.)• Now you can apply the git commands anytime just right clicking and selecting Team.
  6. 6. Homework• Explore the Team command by right clicking your project.• Get used to each command you see there.• Experimenting is always the best guide .
  7. 7. Fetch & Pull• Fetch-fetches all the files that are not present in local from remote.• Pull-fetches all the files and merges the updates.• Available at: Remote>Fetch From• Right Click on project Team>Pull