MySQL - powering the web economy v1.0


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MySQL - powering the web economy v1.0

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>MySQLPowering the Web EconomySilviu Teodoru – Technology Senior ConsultantOracle Romania
  2. 2. AGENDA• Overview of MySQL• Main Components• What’s New in MySQL 5.5• MySQL Customers
  3. 3. Overview of MySQL
  4. 4. About MySQL• Founded, first release in 1995• Acquired by Sun in February 2008• Acquired by Oracle in January 2010• #1 Most Popular Open Source Database• Market-leading customers• MySQL 5.5 GA 12/15/2010
  5. 5. Overview of MySQL• 12 million product installations• 65,000 downloads each day• Part of the rapidly growing open source LAMP stack• MySQL Community Edition - General Public License• MySQL Enterprise Edition is our Commercial Offering
  6. 6. Industry’s Most Complete LAMP Stack Value Add • Oracle’s investment in open Eclipse, NetBeans source continues • Enterprise Linux Apache, Glassfish • VM (Xen) • Apache MySQL • MySQL and GlassFish complete the picture Oracle Linux Oracle VM
  7. 7. Why People Use MySQL Freely Available LowEase of Use Administration Performance Reliability
  8. 8. Enterprise Databases Applications Choose MySQL For:  Web ApplicationsImportance/Complexity  Datamarts & Analytics  Custom Departmental Applications Corporate Departmental
  9. 9. Oracle Database and MySQL Complementary • Together servicing broader user needs • MySQL well suited for web-based apps, customEnterprise Applications(ERP, CRM, SCM…etc) departmental apps and embedded appsCustom & Departmental • Users canEnterprise Applications benefit by running MySQL and Oracle Apache together GlassfishDatamarts & Analytics MySQLLarge OLTP ApplicationsSmall to Medium OLTPApplications
  10. 10. MySQL – Main Components
  11. 11. MySQL – Main Components •ReliabilityMySQL Database •Performance •Ease of Use •Online “Hot” BackupMySQL Enterprise Backup •Full, Incremental, Partial Backups •Point in Time Recovery (PITR) •Global Monitoring of All ServersMySQL Enterprise Monitor •Advisors with Best Practice Advice •MySQL Query Analyzer •Database DesignMySQL Workbench •SQL Development •MySQL Administration • Online Knowledge BaseOracle Premier Support • 24x7 Problem Resolution • Consultative Support
  12. 12. MySQL and MyOracle SupportMySQL Enterprise Monitor• Collect MySQL diagnostics and upload to MOS SR (now!)• Track SRs from Enterprise Dashboard (CY 2010)• Create/maintain SRs (CY 2011)• Saves DBA time • collecting data for Support team, tracking status
  13. 13. What’s New in MySQL 5.5
  14. 14. Results: MySQL Product Releases • MySQL Database 5.5 • MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.5 • MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.3 • MySQL Cluster Manager 1.1 All GA now! MySQL Workbench 5.2 GA MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.2 GA MySQL Cluster 7.1 GA MySQL Cluster Manager 1.0 A Better MySQL GAQ1 CY2010 Q2 CY2010 Q3 CY2010 Q4 CY2010
  15. 15. What’s New in MySQL • A re-architected InnoDB, which becomes the default MySQL database storage engineEnterprise Applications • New InnoDB table storage and compression options(ERP, CRM, SCM…etc) help to reduce the MySQL data footprint and makeCustom & Departmental data retrieval much more efficientEnterprise Applications Apache Glassfish • Provides new SQL syntax, index and partitioning options that make application development,Datamarts & Analytics MySQL debugging and tuning much easierLarge OLTP ApplicationsSmall to Medium OLTPApplications
  16. 16. What’s New in MySQL • Replication has been enhanced in response to user requests that MySQL provide high availability features that ensure data consistency between master and slave serversEnterprise Applications(ERP, CRM, SCM…etc)Custom & Departmental • Improved Performance and Scalability to fully utilize theEnterprise Applications Apache computing power of modern multi-core architectures Glassfish across all platformsDatamarts & Analytics MySQL • The new Performance Schema provides DBAs andLarge OLTP Applications Developers with low-level insight into MySQL database performance metricsSmall to Medium OLTPApplications
  17. 17. MySQL on WindowsThe Right Choice• Significant Developer Adoption • Windows is the #1 development platform for MySQL • Making MySQL better on Windows Performance & Scalability Lower TCO • Improved on Windows • More Affordable • MySQL 5.5 Benchmarks • Easier to Administer Ease of Use Cross-platform • MySQL Workbench • 20+ Platforms • New Connector/NET 6.3 • No Lock-in
  18. 18. MySQL Customers Web OEM / ISV’s SaaS, Cloud Telecommunications Enterprise 2.0 MySQLIS POWERING THE WEB MySQL is Powering the Web
  19. 19. Investment in MySQLRapid Innovation• Make MySQL a Better MySQL • #1 Open Source Database for Web Applications • Most Complete LAMP Stack • Telecom & Embedded• Develop, Promote and Support MySQL • Improve engineering, consulting and support • Leverage 24x7, World-Class Oracle Support• MySQL Community Edition • Source and binary releases • GPL - General Public License
  20. 20. Key Takeaways• MySQL is important to Oracle and our customers • Part of our Complete, Open, Integrated strategy• Oracle is making MySQL better today • Major Feature, Performance, Scalability enhancements • 24x7, Global support in 145 countries More Information