Smartphone Innovation Exercise: No Name


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Using Synectics, my college students create new ideas for a smartphone that will make the iPhone obsolete.

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Smartphone Innovation Exercise: No Name

  1. 1. The Problemo
  2. 2. The Worlds
  3. 3. Worlds• Alice in Wonderland• Star Wars• How I Met your mother• Avatar• Tangled• Pirates of the Caribbean• Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  4. 4. Chosen World:
  5. 5. The Elements
  6. 6. ELEMENTS• Suit-up• The Bro Code• Barney Stinson• Storytelling• Wingman
  7. 7. The “Absurd” Situations
  8. 8. • Suiting up in the Bathroom• Girls who meddle with the “bro code” get tasered• Barney Stinson winning a Nobel Peace Prize• Storytelling during a shark attack• Wingman that follows you around
  9. 9. Force Fitting Absurd Situations into Solutions
  10. 10. Situation 1• Suiting up in the Bathroom - Sometimes you do a pep talk in front of the mirror. You do things that you don’t tell other people. - A product that responds and listens to you. It keeps your secret. - Helps you suit up into the person you want to become. Your best friend and trainer.
  11. 11. Situation 2• Girl being tasered by the bro code – Tasers are used for security – A product that protects everything. • It protects every aspect of the owner. – The bro code is a set of rules that helps you become a good bro. – A product that turns you into a better person.
  12. 12. Situation 3• Barney Stinson winning a Nobel Peace Prize – Promiscuous guy winning a peace prize – He’s friends with everyone he slept with. Due to the epic number of girls he slept with, Barney won a Nobel Peace Prize. – He was versatile. He switches roles in order convince women to sleep with him. A different role for every type of woman – A product that is a chameleon. It ‘s transparent. Will only change color with voice activation – Its an object for all occasions and for everybody.
  13. 13. Situation 4• Storytelling while being attacked by a shark – During a shark attack, you swim in fear and call for help. – The product should be something ready on call. A product that doesn’t need hand eye coordination. It just needs one body part. – Possibly an implant, eyewear or anything that can be attached to the body
  14. 14. Situation 5• The wingman has wings and follows you around like Jiminy Cricket – Possibly something that never leaves the person. (an eyewear or an implant)
  15. 15. In Summary• A device that doesn’t need hand eye coordination.• It identifies the situation around you and gives you the necessary knowledge to deal with it.• It gives you guidelines on how to act in any situation.• The product itself could possibly be an implant.
  16. 16. We introduce the new:
  17. 17. FORM• Surgically attached to the brain. Only those who can afford the operation can avail the product. It’s exclusive.• Internal function. There is no visual projection. Only the owner can see it. – A person can access the program by simply thinking of its interface.
  18. 18. FUNCTIONS• Recording of data is easier and more accurate because of instantaneous recording. (You record what your senses recognize)• You can connect with other people through mind link. (Connect with other users, connect with the Internet through an advanced form of Wi-,fi)
  19. 19. FUNCTIONS• You can now download skills, talents, etc. Learning is instantaneous.• With just imagining, you can see what you’re thinking of, play and download applications from the Mind mAPP (an istore.) – Virtual reality