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Oi infographic


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All you need to know about Open Innovation on one picture and in one minute.

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Oi infographic

  1. 1. WHAT IS OPEN INNOVATION "Open Innovation is the use of purpose inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate innovation. with knowledge now widely distributed, companies cannot rely entirely on their own research. but should acquire inventions or intellectual property from other companies when it advances the business model. '' HENRY CHESBROUGH 00000000000000 i» Reduce R&D cost 1» mcrease differentiation in the market : Reduce time to I’ create new revenue market streams to the market. POEMS 0!‘ OPEN INNOVATION PRACTICES ~-~ ~- Companies can collaborate by sourcing new ideas or WANTEB technologies from suppliers, other companies, universities, SOLUTION - - consumers and employees. EXnmPLES fififi 0% Start-up stouting Expert in—sourting [mwdguurging II. I. at ‘ EXnml>LES i'| ’i'N’'i 6% tustomerengagement REID contratting Spin— off III. _ EXnmPLES h’lV'}’i"| 6 04 to-contention Rea| —time collaboiation Joint ventures 8&0 towards open imiovation Open innovation impulse comes from the top. Motivate 0 your team towards this and define new collective and individuals goals Acquire , develop and access new skills to operate open innovation e. g intellectual property 9 The communication of the company should entrain the internal team and attract new talent and ideas. . 6 Evolution of financing should incorporate both internal and external R&D 6 Understand the implications of the new process : workflow, pace and responsibility changes © Understand whether the current organisation can cope with open innovation and if there is a need for e. g an open innovation champion? Diversify the knowledge sourcing and offer new roles to suppliers, partners , customers and collaborators in the changed ecosystem Q Use new tools and platforms to to embed and develop new practices *3 '53 we A few examples of products made through outside-in practice Margarine Shell Oil Clean-up m. Invented in the I9th A partnership with wendy century through a public 9 schmidt challenge resulted in contest by Napoleon Ill emerging technologies that due to the lack of butter+ have changed the oil indusrty Harvard Gene Sequence Netflix challenge Havard Medical School $6000 E Created a better online serie and 2 open contest resulted to a movie recommendation system solution 3000 times more which lead to an increase in its efficient + customer retention WHAT ABOUT US‘? Ill 7 idexlab , an intermediary platform between enterprises and %‘ T experts, has helped many companies innovate their products. W "Ii :1 a 'i ‘I O O I II A A new braking system A new manufactering An improved algorithm for heavy vehicles process for medical for transport service instrument optimisation