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Comp presentation 2013


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Published in: Education
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Comp presentation 2013

  1. 1. Interactive Learning for your employees and clients© «PremiumConsulting.Ltd»Rostov-on-Don, RussiaMarch 2013
  2. 2.  We are passionate about what we do:  e-learning courses,  virtual 3d-trainings,  serious games and  simulations.
  3. 3.  Our company was founded in 2004 with the support of International Finance Corporation (IFC) - investment arm of the World Bank. From the day one, our experts combine experience gained in management consultancy projects with the experience gained when designing learning for a very demanding learners: top- managers and groups of highly talented employees. We can make corporate learning engaging and effective as we combine the deep knowledge of business of our clients as well as all the cutting-edge learning technologies. We use e-learning, blended learning and games-based learning to enhance and enrich the professional and personal development of our client’s employees.
  4. 4.  Future co-founders work at Russian Corporate Governance Project (RCGP) of International Finance Corporation (IFC) – investment arm of World Bank Group. April 2003 – April 2005 – RCGP success in the South of Russian Federation.  More than 3000 participants in 64 workshops and trainings  More than 200 Joint-Stock companies of Rostov oblast and Krasnodar kraj  Pilot phase of the Project: Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank “Center- Invest”, Join-Stock Company “Rostovshachtostroj”, Joint Stock Company “Donrechflot”, Joint Stock Company “K-invest”(“Crocus-cosmetics”).
  5. 5. Yan Fedyanin, Head of the RCGP South Office. Irina Detochka , Financial advisor, RCGP South Office.
  6. 6.  October 2004 - Premium Consulting Company founded as a successor of the South Branch of the IFC RCGP.  Mission: Increase effectiveness and competitiveness of the companies in the South of Russia.  Objective : Design practical and effective learning experiences to transfer knowledge, skills and know-how of the world’s leading companies to top- management and highly talented pool of employees in companies in the South of Russia.
  7. 7.  Company is in its growth phase . We develop customized learning practices for demanding clients in various industries. We conduct seminars, trainings and workshops on financial management, strategic planning, marketing and operations management for top-managers and talent pools. We work with large, as well as small and medium-sized companies in this period.
  8. 8.  We offer to the Russian market Lean Sigma methodology – the most effective technology of cutting costs and elimination of wastes in manufacturing and service environments. Our employee gets certification as Six Sigma Black Belt in by one of co-creators of Six Sigma methodology (Dr. Mikel J. Harry) in Arizona State University.
  9. 9.  Our company continues to work and develops both consultancy and training branches. We work with our clients on strategy development and execution projects, statistical process controls in manufacturing, Lean Sigma. One of the projects for South-West Bank of Sberbank (largest bank in Russia) that combined classroom training with electronic methods of training delivery opens new opportunity for our company.
  10. 10.  Kamenslvolokno: Statistical Process Control Implementation. Rostvertol: Lean production trainings for top-managers and employees. Rostpromstroybank: Sales Skill and Capability Development. Donugol: Management accounting and budgeting implementation. South-West Bank of Sberbank: Blended learning implementation.
  11. 11.  Problem : high % of scrap and rework when manufacturing specific types of para- aramid fibers. Goal: to define common and special sources of variation. Process: year-end analysis, more than 20 000 measurements at each technological point. Difficulties:  Very sophisticated process.  We could analyze only the ciphered data.
  12. 12.  Results:  More than 100 final tables analyzed.  Common and special sources of variation detected.  Program for special sources of variation detection and removal implemented.  Scrap and rework reduced by 7%.
  13. 13. “Excellent learning events and, more important, theprofessional expertise of all employees we work with -- here are the reasons that make our partnership sovaluable!”
  14. 14. Current state Future state  Time on shop floor decreased from 19 to 7 days .  Work-in-process inventory decreased from 72 to 32 units.  Total cost reduced at pilot shop floor – RUR 3, 360 000 (€ 84 500).  Lean production roll-out started.
  15. 15.  “I can recommend Premium Consulting Company as a reliable provider of executive education and training services. The quality of the services this company provide is excellent as well as used methodologies and workshops logistics”.
  16. 16. E-book“ROI in corporate training:Step By Step Guide “
  17. 17.  “I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for professional and creative approach in development of our workshops and consultancy projects. Premium Consulting employees industry experience and insights helped make knowledge transfer and skill practice easy and effective for our employees on all levels. We were able to get immediate results not only in classroom, but also “in the field,” in selling our banking services in highly competitive market, due to the professional and practical approach used in the last consulting/training project.”
  18. 18.  Sound corporate governance structure , framework and procedures for budgeting and managing, balancing interests of investors and managers. Business plan development for new coal mining. Business plan for new mine developed and approved by Project Committee of Sberbank, Premium Consulting employee being the main presenter at the Committee meeting in Sberbank HQ (Moscow). Investment worth $ 143 M raised, coal mining launched, new mine launched and more than 130 new jobs created in rural area of Rostov oblast .
  19. 19.  More than 56 branches that work with corporate clients. Problem: high turnover rate, employees with various backgrounds, L&D takes significant amount of time and money.Solution: Computer-based training on CD designed + workshop for more than 50 Branch Managers. Initially financing model developed by Premium Consulting in Excel was designed for learning purposes, but …. …. today the model is used as a working tool in assessing potential corporate lenders.
  20. 20.  “On behalf of Commercial Loan Department of South-West Bank of Sberbank let me express gratitude for professionalism, amount of work and quality of work done by your company and for the practical and interesting approach in training. We are more than ready to continue our partnership in the future”.
  21. 21.  We develop first off-the-shelf course that take use of endless possibilities 3D and animation can bring to e- learning! We also gain expertise in developing video courses for manufacturing/service environments.
  22. 22.  After gaining broad experience designing various types of e-learning, we try to increase interactivity of learning using game mechanics and game principles.
  23. 23.  The main purpose of this learning game is to explain insurance professionals the main advantages of life insurance and how insurance company, agents and clients can benefit form this new (for Russia) type of insurance business. The e-learning is made in the form of quest game. Users have missions and while working on them they get acquainted with the learning materials.
  24. 24.  The purpose of this course was to explain internal rules and regulations on anti-money laundering and explain how employees can contribute to reduce for insurance company to be used for money-laundering. The course is made in the form of the story with good and bad protagonists and choice the user should made.
  25. 25.  The course is made with the “built-in” detective story. The story describes every single event that happened during last 9 days and the attentive user has all the information to solve the quest and point to the person committed fraud. But the correct answer can be found only if the user has working knowledge of internal insurance rules!
  26. 26.  Unlike traditional e-learning courses, simulations allow to design learning experiences with “learning by doing” approach in mind. Users make mistakes and see the consequences of it before they do something wrong at the workplace.
  27. 27.  This course and allows to quickly learn and re- work knowledge of English for airport professionals and has 3 modes: 1. Learning mode - situations are explained in which specific phrases are used. 2. E- dictinionary - phrases are pronounced correctly and slowly. 3. Training mode - simulates real environments in which airport professionals operate with and is used for training and testing purposes.
  28. 28.  Course is made in the form of interactive dialogs of employee, that was currently promoted to managerial position with his employees and top- managers. Learners in the course are immersed in the situations where they should take decisions and actions. Situations usually don’t have one and only solution and sometimes follow fuzzy logic approach.
  29. 29.  In Lean Six Sigma e-learning game user’s main goal is to help the company that produce robots, to survive. Company has decided to establish a working group that will use main instruments from Lean Sigma toolbox. Amazing storytelling is supported with animation and custom graphics. This course is one of the rare examples of how very complex and sophisticated topics like statistical process control can be explained in a very concise and engaging manner.
  30. 30.  This course is developed for a large manufacturing company, one of the world leaders in its industry. Main objective of the course – develop working skills in main SAP ERP modules (FI,MM,SD). Course is made in the form of environment that simulate real SAP ERP system; users are provided with a guidance in presented cases.
  31. 31.  Course on electrical security covers main aspects of security at clients premises. The course has theoretical part as well as practical exercises that help to gain some hands-on experience.
  32. 32.  Food safety e-learning course is made in accordance with the principles of HACCP and explains how to prevent possible negative impacts in food manufacturing environments. E-learning course contains many practical learning examples.
  33. 33.  We developed our first virtual training in 3D in 2010. Since that time we are one of the few companies in the world that has technical expertise to develop fully functional 3D training environments.
  34. 34.  Virtual training on information security. This learning experience make it clear to the employees how breaking simple IT-security rules can seriously damage company reputation or cause financial losses.
  35. 35.  This virtual training on electrical security helps to practice skills of first aid in safe virtual environment.
  36. 36.  The course is designed for managers of large manufacturing company that don’t have financial background but have a need of making decisions of financial nature. The course works with typical situations managers have to work in specific industry. The course contain a variety of example calculations that users have to make themselves.
  37. 37.  Performance development process (PDP) is the annual performance development process in MARS. We managed to develop really sophisticated simulation that cover all stages of PDP process and can be “played” from the several perspectives (sales, supply, IT department managers and employees). We developed every case using our internal expertise with minimal help of our client.
  38. 38.  Start of off the shelf courses development. Every course is divided into small parts, that fit into busy modern workload. User can choose any sequence and any piece of course she/he wants. Every course has built-in testing and/or practical assignments.
  39. 39.  Learning material is presented in the form of short animated clips that help keep learner focused, increasing average attention span. Use of info graphics and diagrams create visual “hooks” that help later, when there would be need of reinforcing learning material.
  40. 40.  Graphics, diagrams and other visual tools used in course, also are presented in printable summaries, that kick start learner’s memory when she/he reviews learned material. Every course share the same story of different employees and situations at “Home Robotics” - imaginary manufacturing company that works in B2B and B2C markets.
  41. 41.  Articulate Global, Inc – is de-facto standard-setter for e-learning industry. This product is used more than 15 000 users in more than 150 countries. Tools that Articulate Inc provide allow to cut the time for developing the professional e-learning courses.
  42. 42.  СIMA is the worlds largest professional body of management accountants. CIMA has more than 216,000 members and students in 176 countries and is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading business qualifications.
  43. 43. Engaging e-learning: virtual training Rapid e-Learning - Best practice of Articulate environments, simulations and Studio’09 and Articulate Storyline Main website - Best examples of serious gamesinteractive e-learning in corporate sector
  44. 44. “Premium Consulting” , Ltd.Tel. +7 863 256-58-07E-mail: yfedyanin@sim4training.comWeb: http://www.sim4training.comOur blogs: Engaging e-learning: virtual training environments, simulations and serious games: Rapid e-Learning: Best practice of Articulate Studio’09 and Articulate Storyline: