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Marketing innovation, Kiev, Ukraine


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This is a Keynote presentation on marketing innovation I did in Kiev on October the 1st, 2010.

It's based on 'A Useful Guide to the Brand Utility', but the cases are approached from a different perspective: innovation.

The key message is that innovation is not just about new products, it's about new solutions.

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Marketing innovation, Kiev, Ukraine

  1. 1. FUTURELAB marketing innovation ingmar de lange / futurelab
  2. 2. FUTURELAB part 1. introduction
  3. 3. FUTURELAB futurelab marketing strategy consultants that drive pro t through customer centricity & innovation. Amsterdam Athens Berlin Brussels Bucharest Chicago Hamburg Helsinki Iasi Kiev London Melbourne Miami Milton Keynes Moscow Prague Shanghai The Hague Valencia
  4. 4. FUTURELAB 30+ world-class In-house desk Strong allies for International associates acting as research and trend implementation & publications & thought “one global team” analysis resources measurement support leadership • Remarkable practice research • 75K regular blog readers • Social Media Analysis • +100,000 readers of • Presentation Development presentations & papers • Innovation Studies • regular speaking & media • Trend Analysis appearances • General Desk Research • on a mission to change the marketing profession
  6. 6. FUTURELAB there is no box this talk is about marketing innovation. the essence: there is no box.
  7. 7. FUTURELAB part 2. why this is
  8. 8. FUTURELAB innovation is not just about new products. it is everywhere.
  9. 9. FUTURELAB PR ESS ICE OC PR PRODUCT PROMOTION PEO CE PLE PLA marketing is not just about new promotions. innovation is the promotion.
  10. 10. marketing has become a xed set of systems. a factory. means became an end. the essence went to the background.
  11. 11. FUTURELAB marketing is simply about: what can I do for you? in every way I can.
  12. 12. FUTURELAB Source: Mohan Sawhney, ©2002
  13. 13. FUTURELAB nike+ is a platform that gives running a new dimension.
  14. 14. FUTURELAB at teaches you how to drive fuel efficiently by improving your driving style.
  15. 15. FUTURELAB amazon uses its advertising budget to offer a free delivery service.
  16. 16. FUTURELAB bestbuy uses twitter to offer a personal marketing service to a large audience
  17. 17. FUTURELAB nokia is connecting people by providing silent environments to make phone calls.
  18. 18. FUTURELAB virgin atlantic makes it easier to share a cab, which will improve your whole travel experience.
  19. 19. FUTURELAB it’s marketing as a service. these approaches have two things in common. it’s useful it’s a promotion
  20. 20. FUTURELAB part 3. why this happens
  21. 21. FUTURELAB online products and service can now be reproduced at almost zero costs. just like a communication message. the digital age transforms them into a new mass medium.
  22. 22. FUTURELAB domino’s pizza shows you the realtime status of your pizza, from order to delivery. this service was a popular viral, and thus also became a message.
  23. 23. FUTURELAB digital is everything.
  24. 24. FUTURELAB there’s too much advertising and it will become less effective.
  25. 25. thanks to mobile and social media brands can now be 24/7 present in the daily lives of consumers. if they can add value on a 24/7 basis.
  26. 26. FUTURELAB zipcar: use your phone to book, nd and open your rental car.
  27. 27. FUTURELAB rabobank initiated a social payments service with hyves, holland’s largest social network.
  28. 28. everything is a service provider. everything is a message. it all blends together.
  29. 29. FUTURELAB part 4. how to do it
  30. 30. two departments should be integrated business development marketing
  31. 31. customer approach systems approach it’s about a customer centric strategy how can we make the customer’s need central to everything?
  32. 32. FUTURELAB tesco shows you which supermarket has the lowest prices. even ‘we are cheap’ can be turned into a service.
  33. 33. FUTURELAB nutricia introduced an airport diaper changing lounge to care for your baby.
  34. 34. FUTURELAB hp teaches you how to use computers and software (from many different brands).
  35. 35. problem information alternative purchase post- purchase usage recognition search evaluation decision purchase customer journey how can eye-catching services improve the customer journey? 35
  36. 36. FUTURELAB amazon shows you that a book is cheaper at amazon when you are about to buy one in a book store.
  37. 37. albert heijn helps you to manage your shopping list.
  38. 38. FUTURELAB gap will give you your money back if prices drop.
  39. 39. FUTURELAB part 5. important things
  40. 40. FUTURELAB start with an insight, not with an idea.
  41. 41. FUTURELAB hi charges your phone battery at music festivals. a strong insight, since phone charging became an indispensable part of overnight music festivals.
  42. 42. FUTURELAB don’t use demographics when you think about an innovation. use an activity. it’s not about who your consumers are. it’s about what they do. running nike nike+ reading amazon free delivery communicating nokia silence booth driving at ecodrive
  43. 43. FUTURELAB what’s important, is that there’s a t between your innovation and your brand. Frustration Aspiration high involvement Brand can make Brands can inspire things simpler Sports Assurance Nike+ Nationwide Mobile Irritation Fun low involvement Brands can make Brands make things easier things more fun Toilet paper Beer Charmin Sit or Squad Wieckse Sun Radar original model: negative motivation positive motivation rossiter & percy
  44. 44. FUTURELAB charmin makes it easier to nd free, clean public restrooms. this ts the low involvement category of a toilet paper brand.
  45. 45. FUTURELAB nationwide lets you manage all the paperwork on the spot after you had an accident. this nicely reduces the irritation associated with insurances.
  46. 46. FUTURELAB this is a process. not a product. nd a unmet need. develop a solution and go beta fast. then adjust it. and adjust it again. let it grow organically. when it’s ready, communicate it.
  47. 47. FUTURELAB part 6. roundup
  48. 48. FUTURELAB be useful
  49. 49. FUTURELAB there is no box
  50. 50. FUTURELAB thank you! ingmar de lange