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Apresentação call 1 t 2012 (ingles)


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Apresentação call 1 t 2012 (ingles)

  1. 1. R E S U LT S 1 Q 1 2
  2. 2. Highlights 1Q12• Net Revenues (proportional combined) reached R$ 367 million in 1Q12, an increase of 28,8% compared to the same period of the previous year;• EBITDA (proportional combined) reached R$ 9,0 million, representing an increase of 15,0% compared to 1Q11;• The EBITDA margin fell 10,7% compared to 1Q11, impacted by the results of Padtec;• Net Income before Disinvestments (proportional combined) improved 35% compared to 1Q11 with a loss of R$ 1,7 million; Proportional Combination 1Q11 1Q12 ∆ 4Q11 1Q12 ∆ Net Revenues 285.135 367.301 28,8% 441.253 367.301 -16,8% EBITDA 7.861 9.039 15,0% 17.810 9.039 -49,2% % EBITDA margin 2,8% 2,5% -10,7% 4,0% 2,5% -39,0% Net Income before Disinvestments (2.625) (1.703) -35,1% 4.043 (1.703) n.a. (+) Disinvestments 7.759 - n.a. 3.802 - n.a. Net Income after Disinvestments 5.134 (1.703) n.a. 7.845 (1.703) n.a. ‹2›
  3. 3. Disinvestiments• There were no disinvestments in 1Q12, but two subsequent transactions were completed in April:• Ideiasnet completed the sale of 100% of its participation in Softcorp to Techresult based on an enterprise value of R$ 15 million;• Ideiasnet sold 4,1% of its 5,0% participation in Spring Wireless to Industry Ventures based on an enterprise value of R$ 329 million. ‹3›
  4. 4. Officer• Net Revenues increased 34,2%, EBITDA increased 32,1%, Net Income increased 50,8%;• EBITDA margin of 3,5% in 1Q12;• Implementation of SAP accounting and finance modules were concluded, with the implementation of the rest of the modules scheduled for 2Q12 and the expectation of capturing cost reductions beginning in 3Q12;• Four special tax regimes were granted in the states of PR and SP, accelerating the cycle of recuperating tax credits (principally ICMS) beginning in 2Q12;• Concluded the acquisition of BP Solutions and initiated the operational integration with expectation of capturing synergies beginning in 2Q12. Officer 1Q11 1Q12 ∆ 4Q11 1Q12 ∆ Net Revenues 236.974 318.104 34,2% 380.421 318.104 -16,4% EBITDA 8.440 11.148 32,1% 16.826 11.148 -33,7% % EBITDA margin 3,6% 3,5% -1,6% 4,4% 3,5% -20,8% Net Income 2.186 3.296 50,8% 9.311 3.296 -64,6% ‹4›
  5. 5. Padtec• Net Revenues decreased 12.6%; the company reported negative EBITDA and Net Loss of R$ 273K e R$ 909K, respectively;• The quarterly results were affected by delays in revenue generation as the segment awaited the implementation of new regulations for the tax exemption of infrastructure investments in telecom companies, as well as by the volatility of the exchange rate which accentuated the cost of imported components;• 1Q12 was marked by new contracts, which reduce the gross margin in the short term due to the higher cost of installation compared to improvement or expansion contracts;• The company continues to aggressively invest in new products and technologies, such as DWDM at 100 Gb/s, ODU combiners, Cross-ponders and new modules for GPON. Padtec 1Q11 1Q12 ∆ 4Q11 1Q12 ∆ Net Revenues 54.764 47.890 -12,6% 72.963 47.890 -34,4% EBITDA 9.212 (273) n.a. 13.087 (273) n.a. % EBITDA margin 16,8% -0,6% n.a. 17,9% -0,6% n.a. Net Income 6.468 (909) n.a. 9.069 (909) n.a. ‹5›
  6. 6. Automatos, Bolsa de MulherAUTOMATOS• Turnaround in the results with a positive EBITDA in 1Q12;• Reformulation of the commercial strategy, as well as technology and products, has given the company greater agility and time-to-market;• Closed new contracts internationally, with a data center implemented in China and new sales representation in the Peruvian market.BOLSA DE MULHER• Renewal of advertising projects for large clients such as Petrobras, Intimus, DelValle e L’Oréal, among others;• Bolsa de Mulher was elected as one of the seven most powerful internet brands in Brazil by the magazine About. ‹6›
  7. 7. EAX (CiaShop, MoIP, Zura!)EAX• Over one hundred new features were added to the CiaShop e-commerce platform while the TPV (total payment value) grew by 47% relative to the same period last year;• MoIP underwent a period of review relative to their sales strategy and existing client base;• Zura! showed a solid growth of 31% in the volume of clicks delivered on behalf of their clients after having undergone structural reorganization in 3Q12;• Running costs from 2011 relative to traffic acquisition/distribution contracts for Zura! along with the changes made to the client mix for MoIP had an overall impact on EAX EBITDA in 1Q12. ‹7›
  8. 8. iMusica, PiniIMUSICA• Experienced strong growth in revenue led by sales in full-track music downloads and ring back tones;• Launch of streaming platform for the Carso Group with a monthly and weekly-based subscription service options;• Expanded its partnership with iTunes in Brazil and launched a music platform for Grupo Positivo.PINI• Excelled at the International Construction Industry Tradeshow and booked an increase in sales of 24% relative to the same event last year despite cooling in the real estate and construction sectors in São Paulo;• Initiated several new digital business initiatives and created a business intelligence unit under the lead of André Morais. ‹8›
  9. 9. Softcorp, TecTotalSOFTCORP• Ideiasnet sold 100% of its stake in Softcorp to Techresult based on a company value of R$15 million;• The company achieved a positive EBITDA in 1Q12, contributing positively to the proportional combined results before its disinvestment.TECTOTAL• The company had a excellent quarter in which revenues reached levels on par with1Q11 despite the loss of a key distribution partner which had accounted for 40% of their revenue. ‹10›
  10. 10. Resultado 4T2011Esta apresentação poderá conter certas projeções e tendências que não são resultados financeiros realizados, neminformação histórica.Estas projeções e tendências estão sujeitas a riscos e incertezas, sendo que os resultados futuros poderão diferirmaterialmente daqueles projetados. Muitos destes riscos e incertezas relacionam-se a fatores que estão além dacapacidade da Ideiasnet em controlar ou estimar, como as condições de mercado, as flutuações de moeda, ocomportamento de outros participantes do mercado, as ações de órgãos reguladores, a habilidade da companhia decontinuar a obter financiamentos, as mudanças no contexto político e social em que a Ideiasnet opera ou emtendências ou condições econômicas, incluindo-se as flutuações de inflação e as alterações na confiança doconsumidor, em bases global, nacional ou regional.Os leitores são advertidos a não confiarem plenamente nestas projeções e tendências. A Ideiasnet não tem obrigaçãode publicar qualquer revisão destas projeções e tendências que devam refletir novos eventos ou circunstâncias apósa realização desta apresentação.Para mais informações, entre em contato com a equipe de Relações com Investidores:Sami HaddadAlexandra de ‹11›
  11. 11. Ideiasnet S.A. Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 572 - 4º andarIpanema | Rio de Janeiro | Brasil | 22410-002 Tel: (21) 3206-9200 | Fax: (21) 3206-9201