Data Analysis


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Karen Ling Mak's presentation on Data Analysis for Ideashare Johor

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Data Analysis

  1. 1. Data Analysis using IT Data Analysis Concept Data Analysis Value Adds How can IT help? The Cockpit Model What’s the ROI?
  2. 2. Data Analysis Concept ple es tim fact in peo ory h e a cprocesses m output yield cycle time other factory indicators planning operations quality control inventory control
  3. 3. Data Analysis Value Adds Output Factory/Site Factory Calendar Product Categories Yield Product Locations Cycle Time Shift Performance Against Schedule 100% Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis
  4. 4. How can IT help? Data extraction, transformation, load Provide the ability to slice and dice indicators Automated data collection and processing Source:
  5. 5. How can IT help? Source:
  6. 6. The Cockpit Model Fly your business with indicators on a dashboard Make informed decisions w data at your fingertips Output Charts by Products Yield Charts by Products Past 13 weeks Past 13 weeks Source:
  7. 7. Return of Investment Better managed production capacity planning Increase efficiency of factory operations Monitor and control quality standards Monitor and control inventory levels Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis
  8. 8. Contact Us For more information about this presentation, please contact Karyn Mak (