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The art of seductive sourcing


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Published in: Career, Technology, Business
  • Andrew, the title of your presentation is the same and the content is similar to the presentation given by Laura Stoker of AIRS at the Recruiting Conference in November of 2011. The description of the AIRS presentation called “The Art of Seductive Sourcing – Leveraging Social Media to Attract and Find Passive Candidates” can be found at the following URL
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The art of seductive sourcing

  1. The Art of Seductive Sourcing Leveraging Social Media to Attract and Find Passive Candidates
  2. Andrew Chow  Founded  Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd since 1994 . Ideas & Concepts since 2002  Table For Six since 2008  Education  Thames Valley University, UK  Business Awards  STB Business Award – Most Innovative Marketing Initiative award 2007  Spirit of Enterprise 2008  Successful Entrepreneur 2010  Certification  NLP Practitioner & Certified Life Coach  Forte  PR Strategic Counsel, Implementation & Monitoring  Social Media Strategy  Brand Management Consultancy  Personal Branding  Professional Affiliation  Approved NCSS Training Provider  WDA ACTA-certified  Asia Professional Speakers - SingaporeProfile
  3. Andrew Chow a.k.a Ideasandrew Social Networking Facebook -!/AndrewChowKokWah Plaxo Linkedin - Social Media Sharing Flickr Collection - Youtube Channel - Slideshare - Podomatic - Social Blogging / Micro-blogging Twitter - Wordpress – Social Collaboration Wikipedia - Meet up - More than 220 interviews/feature in 6 years from local / International media
  4. Seductive Sourcing = Social RecruitingIf Business can be done Socially, so can Recruitment!
  5. Social Recruiting “the process of sourcing or recruiting candidates through the use of social platforms as promotional and/or advertising channels by employers and recruiters” - Wikipedia Social Recruiting 101
  6. Social Recruiting Culture You dont have to be ‘recruiting to be recruiting Be social and professional at the same time Share, not Sell the “company” Weigh the pros and cons of different networks Integrate social media with other recruiting channels Social Recruiting 101
  7. 4 Social Media Recruitment Trend What’s happening?
  8. Go Mobile!Social Media Recruitment Trend
  9. Content : User > Original Original Co-created User-generatedSocial Media Recruitment Trend
  10. Conversation : Listening > TalkingSocial Media Recruitment Trend
  11. Community : Niche > MassSocial Media Recruitment Trend
  12. 4 Social Recruiting Tools Where are the people?
  13. Linkedin Talent PoolSocial Recruiting Tools
  14. BranchOutSocial Recruiting Tools
  15. PlaxoSocial Recruiting Tools
  16. “Brand” NetworkSocial Recruiting Tools
  17. Social Recruiting Game Plan Quick Nuggets for Strategy | Channels | Message
  18. Strategy Social Recruiting is online Employer Branding Focus on Target Audience Narrowing instead of Broadcasting Social Recruiting Game Plan
  19. Channels No One size Fits all  Where to find who? Too few Channels for too Long  Are we casting our net far enough? Advertising vs Advocating  Are our staff helping out in recruitment? Social Recruiting Game Plan
  20. Message Use the Right Social Tone for Gen Y Engage other Influencers Encourage more conversation Social Recruiting Game Plan
  21. 7 Social Recruiting Best PracticesDue diligence requires more work than you think
  22. Social Recruiting = Employer Branding Corporate branding on Twitter Social Recruiting Best Practices #1
  23. Social Recruiting = Employer Branding Make it fun on fan page & blog Social Recruiting Best Practices #1
  24. Social Recruiting = Employer Branding Standardize you Company Name on Linkedin Social Recruiting Best Practices #1
  25. Study the candidate’sconnections and network Who What Where When Social Recruiting Best Practices #2
  26. Analyze Candidate’s Recommendations Who What WhenSocial Recruiting Best Practices #3
  27. Research on Status and Update  “My boss is a dumbass!” “It’s Monday and I am already thinking about TGIF” “Hate to manage our road show this weekend,  it’s a bloody waste of time!” Social Recruiting Best Practices #4
  28. Request Social PortfolioThought Leadership Social Recruiting Best Practices #5
  29. Request Social PortfolioThought Leadership Social Recruiting Best Practices #5
  30. Request Social PortfolioCreativity Social Recruiting Best Practices #5
  31. Request Social PortfolioMarketing Social Recruiting Best Practices #5
  32. Request Social PortfolioTraining & Development Social Recruiting Best Practices #5
  33. Request Social PortfolioMarketing Communications / Public Relations Social Recruiting Best Practices #5
  34. Administer Online Test Social Recruiting Best Practices #6
  35. Manage your conversation1. Experiment with social media2. Make a plan3. Listen4. Be transparent & honest5. Be personable and act like a person6. Contribute in a meaningful way7. See criticism as an opportunity8. Be proactive9. Accept you can’t do it all yourself – TEAMWORK!10. Develop other Advocates within your network Social Recruiting Best Practices #7
  36. Questions and Answers Let’s chat!