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Social Media Readiness Assessment Seminar


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Social Media Readiness Assessment Seminar

  1. 1. Facilitated by:
  2. 2. Branding & Crowd SourcingNetworking & ReferralSales & MarketingCompetitive InsightPublic Relations & Crisis ManagementCustomer Relations ManagementInternal Communications
  3. 3. Andrew Chow a.k.a Ideasandrew  Founded  Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd since 1994 . Ideas & Concepts since 2002  Table For Six since 2008  Education  Thames Valley University, UK  Business Awards  STB Business Award – Most Innovative Marketing Initiative award 2007  Spirit of Enterprise 2008  Successful Entrepreneur 2010  Certification  NLP Practitioner  Certified Life Coach  Forte  PR Strategic Counsel, Implementation & Monitoring  Social Networking / Social Media Strategy  Brand Management Consultancy  Personal Branding  Professional Affiliation  Approved NCSS Training Provider  WDA ACTA-certified  Member of SACEOS  Member of Asia Professional Speakers, Singapore
  4. 4. Social Networking Facebook -!/AndrewChowKokWah Plaxo Linkedin - Social Media Sharing Flickr Collection - Youtube Channel - Slideshare - Podomatic - Social Blogging / Micro-blogging Twitter - Wordpress – Social Collaboration Wikipedia - Meet up - than 190 interviews/features in 5 years from local and international media
  5. 5. People from all over the world give you ideas on how you can improve your products and services (Crowd Sourcing)
  6. 6. Your website has more visitors and staying online much longer than before (Meaningful Engagement)
  7. 7. Your company become a choice employer and everyone hope to work for you (Strategic Recruitment Strategy)
  8. 8. More customers are forming so many interest groups revolving your brand that you have lost track of them. (fans) More people are aware of your Corporate SocialResponsibility (CSR) initiatives and join your causes (Perception)
  9. 9. More customers are forming so many interest groupsrevolving your brand that you have lost track of them. (Fans)
  10. 10. Others in the same industry are emulating what you are doing for your company (Thought leadership)
  11. 11. Others write about you and it becomes an entry on the social encyclopedia (Wikipedia)
  12. 12. Word of mouth was great, now how about “Words of Many Mouths” all at the same time (Social Media Effect)
  13. 13. Your prospects are telling others about you even if they are not prepared to buy from you yet (Sharing)
  14. 14. People whom you do not know are telling you when andhow many times they have visited your business venues (Location Checkin to Location Marketing)
  15. 15. Your sales staff are having inquiries daily because they are making new contacts without much offline networking (Facebook)
  16. 16. B2B or B2C partners are coming to you with proposals to create new channels and markets (Linkedin)
  17. 17. You get to test out a foreign market and gauge its potential without physically going there. (due diligence)
  18. 18. More are buying from you because 4 out of 5 of their friends said you are good and recommended it. (“likes”)
  19. 19. Your market survey can be created easily and shared to millions of people. The insight can be obtained within a very short period (Poll)
  20. 20. Celebrities become your brand ambassadors to represent and speak for you ever asking for a single cent (Blogging)
  21. 21. Your brochures are viewed and downloaded on a server, shared by many who do not even know you personally. (Slideshare)
  22. 22. Professional corporate video can be created within minutes withjust photographs and royalty-free soundtrack disturbed on the 2nd most popular search site in the world (Youtube & Animoto)
  23. 23. You are fully aware of what you competitors are doing online without ever going to their sites at all! ( Socialmention : the “Google” of Social Media )
  24. 24. You have done an event and many people are talking about itonline, looking forward to invite their friends for the next one (Photo Tagging)