Social media from social to business success


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Social media from social to business success

  1. 1. Social Media : From SocialToBusiness Success
  2. 2. Andrew Chow a.k.a Ideasandrew Founded Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd since 1994 . Ideas & Concepts since 2002 Table For Six since 2008 Business Awards STB Business Award – Most Innovative Marketing Initiativeaward 2007 Spirit of Enterprise 2008 Successful Entrepreneur 2010 Certification NLP Practitioner Certified Life Coach Forte Social Networking / Social Media Strategy PR Strategic Counsel, Implementation & Monitoring Brand Management Consultancy Personal Branding
  3. 3. Is Facebook more likea man or a woman?Facebook is more likea woman talks like a woman
  4. 4.  What is Social Media? The New Internet Age How do I conduct myself for Social Selling? What platform should I be using to enlargeconnection, network and influence? How do I leverage social media to promote myevents? How to create content that enables me to havestrong Personal Branding? What are the case studies of Personal Branding? What are the social media etiquette and ethics?
  5. 5. What isSocial MediatoYOU?
  6. 6. Social Media is any platform
  7. 7. Social Media is any platformwhere people connect with
  8. 8. Social Media is any platformwhere people connect withothers through conversation
  9. 9. Social Media is any platformwhere people connect withothers through conversationabout any available content.
  10. 10.  The old internet age is Google.The newinternet age is Social Media In the old internet age, we search forinformation. In the new internet age, information searchfor us and we share them to others What is sharing on social media? To use,participate in, enjoy, and receive, jointly theavailable information.
  11. 11. Be Social first.Be Professional always
  12. 12. Take Ownership of yourplatforms
  13. 13. Manners:Be Personable.Not Get Personal.
  14. 14. Expect negativity fromothers
  15. 15. Don’t Delete. Don’t Delay.Don’t Deny.
  16. 16. Invite Others to shareexperiences
  17. 17. Ask the Right Questions
  18. 18.  S : Share More. Sell Less O :Take Ownership of your platforms C : Collaborate with others. Build a team. I : Be Interesting. Be Insightful. Be Innovative A : Be Authentic, not Arrogant L : Listen More. Talk Less. M : Manners : Be Personable; not Get Personal E : Expect negativity from others. D : Dont Delete. Dont Delay. Don’t Deny. I : Invite others to share A : Ask the right questions
  19. 19. What platforms should I beusing to enlarge myConnection, Network andInfluence?
  20. 20. • Send personal messages (live or delay)• Get latest updates from friends throughstatus, photo, videos and links• Create events(date/time/venue/host/RSVP list)• Create Informal surveys (AskQuestions)Join different social groups• Support business pages: AIA Page-
  21. 21.  Upload a professional profile picture Write a good comprehensive summary of yourself Add new connections Furnish professional career milestones since youstarted work List down all awards and achievement from schoolsday to the present. Join other professional interest groups.You can joinup to 50 groups Get at least 5 recommendation from colleagues andclient (100 words) Give at least 5 recommendations to others whohave worked with you. (100 words) View all your customers’ profile and start endorsingthem
  22. 22.  Whenever you know someone new, search for them onLinkedin and connect If you cannot find them, invite them to join or emailthem your Linkedin url Share your Linkedin URL on Facebook andTwitterregularly Look for new leads from your connections, connect withthem by getting introduced or by sending inmail. Update your skill and experience regularly to get moreendorsement.The more endorsement you receive , themore others are reading your profile Export connection details onto Excel file Create your own poll Maximise “advanced search” to look for leads
  23. 23.  Others: Pinterest Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizingthings you love. You can organize it with different boards and pins AIA Pinterest :▪ 8 Boards and▪ 133 pins
  24. 24.  Create boards with interesting titles Upload your pictures Re-pin pictures you love (AIA has many) Share them on Facebook and Linkedin, withyour thoughts & comments Invite others to join Linkedin A person’s boards and pins shows his interestmore visually than Facebook
  25. 25.  ParentingTalk Child EducationTalk Investment Seminar WineAppreciation Health seminar Sport events RetirementTalkChallenge:How can you leverage onsocial media to publicizethese events?
  26. 26.  Create events Professional and Customisable Works on any platforms : Mobile,Tabloid or Desktop Many payment options Promote events Easily converted to direct email Social Media-ready : Shareable Track attendance Manage events Message participants easily Checking-in participants Paperless
  27. 27.  Pre-event Create the event and share it weekly for 6 weeks before it happens. Invite all suitable friends to attend Post event link on friends’ wall once they have RSVP Event Take many pictures and upload to Pinterest or other platforms Share the latest event happening on Facebook or Linkedin Encourage participants to check-in Post-event Upload all pictures and tag as many people as possible Remind all participants to like your page or add you as friend Encourage participants to share their positive experience on yourgroup/page
  28. 28.  Information Centre – Share latest online news,etc Knowledge Expert – Give comprehensiveanswers (tagline) People Connector – Organize events (business,social or charity) Problem Solver – Share tips and tricks (visual ortextual) Creative Entertainer – Create humor
  29. 29.  Update your Status: Share personal wisdom and thoughts
  30. 30. What do you say?1. A friend is _______________________________2. A truly successful person is someone who_________________________________3. A wise investor is _________________________4.The difference between a GenY and a Gen X is__________________________________________5. Insurance is just like ______________________
  31. 31.  Update your Status: Share personal wisdom and thoughts Produce Infographics: An Infographic is data sorted, arranged andpresented visually
  32. 32. 1.2.3.
  33. 33.  - the original with over40,000 users. – Beautiful templates getyou started quick. – It’s incredibly easy touse.
  34. 34.  Update your Status: Share personal wisdom and thoughts Produce Infographics: An Infographic is data sorted, arranged andpresented visually Create interesting captions for photo youfind on the internet
  35. 35. What ‘s on your mind?1 23 4
  36. 36. Create your own Montage!* No AIA logo on any self-created montage
  37. 37.  Write them down in advance Adjust the message according to youraudience Schedule when and when to post them Help from others: Like Comment Share
  38. 38. Ferrari Crash withTaxi at Bugis in May 2012
  39. 39.  Wrote a blog Create a poster, pin it Get 15 Facebook friends to share Personally delivery posters and boxes to collectdonation Update the progress on blog for 13 days Amount collected through cheque =$20,000 Media recognised the effort!
  40. 40.  Text Be Sensitive to Others’ feeling Avoid too much self-promotion Tone Be Respectful Be Positive Tag Ask Permission before tagging Create relevance from the subject▪ AIA logo must not be inside any self-created content▪ Every FSC is a AIA Brand Ambassador Time Avoid over sharing. 10 things in a day is just too much. Avoid delaying reply. 24 hours is fine for personal profile. 2hours for pages
  41. 41.  Content : Create meaningful information foryour connection (client) Conversation : Engage your connection byobserving ethics Contact : Grow your community by offlinenetworking Commitment : Make it a lifestyle and keeplearning something new regularly