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Romancing the media for Coaching Business


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This is a presentation to International Coaching Federation (ICF), Singapore Chapter on 28 May 2012

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Romancing the media for Coaching Business

  1. 1. Romancing the Media for Coaching BusinessHow coaches can create a buzz in the media
  2. 2. Andrew Chow  Founded  Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd since 1994 . Ideas & Concepts since 2002  Table For Six since 2008  Education : Thames Valley University, UK  Business Awards  STB Business Award – Most Innovative Marketing Initiative award 2007  Spirit of Enterprise 2008  Successful Entrepreneur 2010  Spirit of Service 2012  Certification : NLP Practitioner & Certified Life Coach  Forte  Life Coaching  Public Relations Strategy  Social Media Strategy  Personal Branding  Professional Affiliation  Approved NCSS Training Provider  WDA ACTA-certified  Asia Professional Speakers - SingaporeMedia Publicity for Coaches
  3. 3. Agenda Understanding Publicity Overview of Singapore Radio 938live programs How to propose a series of Talk Shows on Radio? How to become a regular guest? How to leverage on media publicity for future marketing? Media Publicity for Coaches
  4. 4. IceBreakers What kind of News Maker? YOU What will this be? Media Publicity for Coaches
  5. 5. Understanding PublicityMedia Publicity for Coaches
  6. 6. Which programs on Singapore Radio are suitable for you?Radio 938live (only Talk Show Radio in Singapore)
  7. 7. Expert ViewsMedia Publicity for Coaches
  8. 8. Daily MotivationalMedia Publicity for Coaches
  9. 9. Group InteractiveMedia Publicity for Coaches
  10. 10. ConversationalMedia Publicity for Coaches
  11. 11. Business NuggetsMedia Publicity for Coaches
  12. 12. How to Propose a series of Talk Shows/Interviews
  13. 13. Prepare all the Questions for your HostMedia Publicity for Coaches
  14. 14. Prepare 2 versions of answers: Short & LongMedia Publicity for Coaches
  15. 15. Leverage on current hot topics (link to your forte)Media Publicity for Coaches
  16. 16. Be a Regular Guest!How to get invited back on radio over and over again
  17. 17. Remember the host’s Professional Interest Michael Podolinsky Refer other coaches to radio host (form a Team of 3)Media Publicity for Coaches
  18. 18. Remember the host’s Professional Interest  Recommended other great guests to their showsMedia Publicity for Coaches
  19. 19. Mention other topics of interest in the conversationMedia Publicity for Coaches
  20. 20. Make your pitch only at the very endMedia Publicity for Coaches
  21. 21. After the interview, fulfill all promises made on air quicklyMedia Publicity for Coaches
  22. 22. How to leverage on media publicity for marketing?
  23. 23. Share on Social Media  Slideshare : Powerpoint  Podcast : Radio  Youtube : TV  Blog : transcript of interviewMedia Publicity for Coaches
  24. 24. Spin it on other Mass Media  Send info to other media for new pitches  Follow the format and record your own versionMedia Publicity for Coaches
  25. 25. Questions & Answers