MTE Charity Concert 2012 Booklet


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MTE Charity Concert 2012 Booklet

  1. 1. THE PRESIDENT’SMESSAGEI would like to commend the organisers of theMeet the Entrepreneurs (MTE) Charity Concert andthe entrepreneurs who have participated in thiseffort for their spirit of giving, volunteerism andhard work, in particular the entrepreneurs whohave performed at the concert. I am heartenedto note that the funds raised will go towards ClubRainbow to help our children with chronic andlife-threatening illnesses, and to Dignity Kitchenwhich provides hawker training for the disabledand disadvantaged in our community. I hope manymore in our business community would follow theirexample and give back to society through varioussocial responsibility initiatives and other efforts. President Tony Tan Keng Yam
  2. 2. DIGNITY CLUB KITCHEN’S RAINBOW’S MESSSAGE MESSSAGE Dignity Kitchen was started with the objective of helping the The Council and Staff of Club Rainbow would like to thank all disabled and disadvantaged to gain employment or to establish the entrepreneurs involved in organizing this unprecedented their own small business, with the hope that they will have a MTE Charity Concert. It is truly heartening to see so many reasonable standard of living. Starting out in October 2010, we entrepreneurs work tirelessly in a labour of love for charity. The face many challenges as a hawker training school cum food court funds raised from this event is a testimony to the hard work, is a relatively new social entrepreneurial concept. In the course of dedication and commitment poured into this project over the the last one year we are very fortunate to have the members of past few months. MTE to help us overcome these challenges. The Rainbow Children struggle each day to cope with their We thank MTE and its members for all the kind assistance and individual illnesses and overcome its debilitating effects to lead we look forward to your continual support and guidance. as close to a normal life as possible. The staff and volunteers of Club Rainbow know, meet and love the Rainbow children and their families and have seen firsthand the adverse effects of congenital heart defects, blood disorders, liver problems, rare genetic diseases, neuro-muscular disorders and other chronic illnesses on their psychosocial, physical and mental well-being. Club Rainbow is committed to providing comprehensive, holistic support services to families of children suffering from a range of chronic and life-threatening illnesses and their families including financial, psychosocial, educational and social outreach. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to allKoh Seng Choon Gregory Vijayendran donors and supporters who have contributed to this event. Your Founder President contributions will play a big part in helping to improve the lives Dignity Kitchen Club Rainbow (Singapore) of the Rainbow children and their families. For those who have taken precious time off your schedule to attend the MTE Charity Concert. we hope you will enjoy the performances today and have a wonderful evening. On behalf of our more than 500 Rainbow Children and their families, the Council and Staff of Club Rainbow thank all of you for your care.
  3. 3. PRODUCER’S MTE LOGOMESSSAGE EXPLAINEDI had a dream of having a personal music concert for myself sinceyoung, but when I realised that I could make a concert moremeaningful by engaging more people to embark on a course ofgiving back to society, I took action immediately.The monthly MTE entrepreneur sharing session that started 2years ago has been a very good platform to meet like-mindedpeople that provided the drive and energy for this concert. Westarted MTE Charity Concert with a 5-entrepreneur band sixmonths ago and it just kept growing and growing, materializingthe faint blur that was the vision at the start.I have always believed that giving back to society is the backboneof the spirit of enterprise, and I thank you for letting me realisemy dream of organizing something of this scale. Once again, Ithank you all for your contribution in making this concert a hugesuccess. The Logo is formed by the three letters, M, T, and E. This is an abbreviation for “Meet The Entrepreneurs”. The logo embodies the qualities of resilience; To stand tall and lean, and always getting back up again after falling down. This is the essence of entrepreneurship.Roger Koh The logo describes the three stages of an entrepreneur’s journey. The first pillar on the left till the middle of the M signifies the Learning phase. The upward slope from then on signifies the second phase, Earning. Finally, the third phase, Returning, is shown by the T and E letters raised on the platform. MTE entrepreneurs believe that they should always give back to society and only then does entrepreneurship come full circle. The platform is taken from the Yi Jing (易经). It comprises two sub-symbols of ‘DUI’ (兑). It signifies that entrepreneurs (君子) encourage conversation on common platforms and enjoy the stimulus of learning from one another.
  4. 4. THE BENEFICIARIES About Club Rainbow (Singapore) About Dignity Kitchen The charity was set up in 1992 to provide a range of Dignity Kitchen aims to return the dignity to the disabled comprehensive support services for the families of children and disadvantaged through vocation with passion. It started who suffer from major chronic and potentially life-threatening in October 2010 as Singapore’s first hawker training school illnesses. By working closely with KK Women’s and Children’s for disabled and disadvantaged people. In this competitive Hospital (KKH), the National University Hospital (NUH) and Singapore society, the handicapped and elderly are the neonatal ward of the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), disadvantaged when they try to find jobs. Dignity Kitchen Club Rainbow presently helps more than 500 children and gives job training and placements to these people so that they their families. can have hope for a better future and a better life.Children in Club Rainbow range from newborn babies and youths up to the age of 20 years. They Dignity Kitchen operates as a food court, allowing the public to experience and interact with ourrequire frequent visits to hospitals for treatment, complicated therapy and long-term medication. students just like at other regular eating places. Dignity Kitchen believes in enhancing educationalOn the recommendation of their respective doctors, these children are referred to Club Rainbow for value both from the inside-out and from the outside-in, as we train our students to serve the public infollow-up support. a real setting and at the same time letting the public get used to handicapped people servicing them when they come to dine at Dignity Kitchen.A holistic approach is taken in helping our Club Rainbow children and their families in the 5 coreaspects: - Emotional Support - Educational help - Social Support - Financial Assistance - Informational SupportWe offer a vibrant array of free services to our beneficiaries in the 5 core aspects including homeand hospital counseling; centre, hospital and home tuition; befriender services as well as educationalseminars. Our centre at NUH has a variety of resources available for parents and their children. Theseinclude books, board games and educational computer games.Club Rainbow (Singapore) is a charitable organization that relies solely on donations from compassionatecorporations and kind-hearted individuals to support us in our mission. We are a registered societyunder the Registry of Societies, a registered charity with the Commissioner of Charities, a full memberof National Council of Social Services and accountable to the Ministry of Health (the charity s SectorAdministrator). The IPC status given by MOH enables Club Rainbow to provide tax-exempt receipts forall monetary donations received.
  5. 5. THE BAND BEHIND THE SCENEThe initial plan for the MTE concert was a band performance, with about 20 songs performed by theband comprising Benny Se Teo, Jimmy Wong, Roger Koh, Willy Lim, and Sam Wong. However, as moreand more entrepreneurs added their efforts to the cause, the team has now expanded to a size of 40people. This gave way to more possibilities for a variety of performances and the culmination is the finalproduct that you will see today. Here we have a few pictures of the earlier practice jam sessions with theband doing their first song - 新不了情
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  15. 15. THE COMMITTEE Advisor PATRICK LIEW Photography 1 CHARLIE LIM Programme Director MICHELLE WOMG Photography 2 LU TING JIEH Chairman ROGER KOH Music Equipments KASON KEE Legal Advisor CHUNG TING FAI Printer WELSON ANG PR / Marcom ANDREW CHOW Technical Support ZAVE HUANG Stage Planner Advisor DEBORAH T. PATEL Sculptor / Artist NGIAM WAN LEE / RICO Stage Manager WILLY LIM Children Entertainment LEE WOON CHIANGEnglish Media Spokesman LARRY, MICHELLE, SREYASHI Master of Ceremony JIMMY WONG, GENIE JUNYI Programme Booklet SYGRIN KOH Hair Styling THOMAS LEEChinese Media Spokesman ROGER, GENIE, YAN FU CAI Musician SAM WONG Admin YAN FU CAI Music Director BENNY SE TEO Logistics ASHLEY ELLA CHOO Corporate Governance JOSEF HO Secretary SREYASHI SEN