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18 Tips on DIY Media Management for Small Businesses

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Media Relations Pecha Kucha

  1. 1. Keep updated lists of all media people with whom you deal with
  2. 2. Get to know the media people who are important to your program and “be-friend" them
  3. 3. Send all material to the media in time to meet their deadlines
  4. 4. GREAT photos Be sure all information you use is accurate
  5. 5. Always tell the truth to the media. If you can't tell the truth, don't talk and don't get caught "not talking" or saying "no comment."
  6. 6. Admit you don't know the answer to a question, and Arrange to get the required information, or Refer them to someone who can answer the question
  7. 7. Be "low key" not "hard sell" in your media relations
  8. 8. Realize that you have no control over the content, format, timing, or size/time of PR messages
  9. 9. Always return reporters' calls promptly
  10. 10. Keep your word when you promise to give your story exclusively to a reporter
  11. 11. Keep your sound bites under 30 seconds.
  12. 12. When a feature is turned down, try pitching elsewhere
  13. 13. When a feature is used, rework it with a new angle and try to place it with another media/press.
  14. 14. Use photography or visuals to enhance the possibility of a story being run.
  15. 15. Be sure a "cut line" or caption with every photo or graphic you release
  16. 16. If you are misquoted, don't hesitate to let the media know and suggest they run a retraction
  17. 17. Do not say anything to the media "off-the-record"
  18. 18. Do not be a pest by repeatedly calling the media to see if your story has been accepted
  19. 19. Let’s Get to Know Everyone  “If you are featured on front page of the biggest newspaper in your country, how do you want the headlines to be like?”  “If you have a photograph printed in the front page, what caption would you like to see?”
  20. 20. Founder, Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd Founder, Ardor LLP Managing Agent of Romancing Singapore (2005-2007) Spirit of Enterprise Award 2008 – Honouree Email – MEDIA RELATIONS How to work with the media & the press to bring your business to 2.0? DIY Public Relations for smart SMEs