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Media Management for Non Public Relations Manager


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This is a 1-day seminar organised by the Singapore National Employers Federation.

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Media Management for Non Public Relations Manager

  1. 1. COURSE OBJECTIVES At the end of the course, the learners will be able to: Establishing positive relationship with the media; matching your information with their interests Pitching creatively to the press matching your business objectives to the media angle. Execute a Crisis Management Plan; match your contingency plan with public expectation Media Management for Non-Public Relations Managers COURSE OUTLINE: 1. Introduction to Mass Media 2. Establishing positive relationship with the media • 6 ways to build friendship • Press Release: What else are Keys besides Key Messages • 4 phases of preparing for interview: Person & Radio 3. Delivering the creative pitch • Prepare a yearly overall media publicity plan • Building your media database • Strategies of pitching • Corporate Social responsibility • Survey for Insights • The Insider, Current Affair, Thematic Event • Love/$/Sex 4. Preparing for event coverage • Customers/ Venue/ Sponsors 5. Executing a Media Crisis Management Plan • 10 Hard Questions and Answers • The Management of Social Media in Crisis Management Singapore National Employers Federation 19 Tanglin Road #10-01/07 Tanglin Shopping Centre Singapore 247909. Tel: 6827 6927 Fax: 6827 6803 ADMINISTRATION DETAILS (1 Day Course) Date : 13 December 2010 Time : 9am to 5pm Venue : SNEF Training Institute Normal Course Fee: Non-member SNEF Affiliates Member $474.50 $411.95 $374.50 All fees listed above are inclusive of the 7% GST. You may call Shirlin Lee at 68276920 or email:, for more information or assistance. Note: A seat will be reserved upon registration via fax/email/online registration. Payment for the workshop is required to be made to SNEF before the commencement of the workshop. Confirmation will be emailed to the contact person 1 week before the commencement of the course. Please note that there will be no refunds for cancellations but a replacement will be accepted. If cancellation received less than 7 working days, a 25% administration fee will be charged. If cancellation is made less than 3 working days, full fees will be charged. Full fees will be imposed if participant does not attend the workshop. SNEF reserves the Right to cancel, modify or postpone the course. For payment, please indicate the course title and the participant name behind the cheque and send the cheque payable to Singapore National Employers Federation. IMPORTANT: REGISTER ONLINE at Registering Online is Easy - Convenient - Faster Acknowledgement – No Faxing Needed – Simple Steps Name of Company : _____________________________________ SNEF Membership No. : ______________ Address : _________________________________________________________ Postal Code : ___________ Contact Person : Mr/Ms _________________________________ Designation : ________________________ Tel : ______________________ Fax : ______________________ E-mail : ____________________________ Name of Participant : Mr/Ms___________________ NRIC : ____________ Designation: _________________ Name of Participant : Mr/Ms___________________ NRIC : ____________ Designation: _________________ Training Hotline: 6827 6922 or e-mail at, or fax to 6827 6803 Start enjoying the many benefits of being a SNEF member, call: 6827 6922 for more information. TARGET AUDIENCE sales manager, marketing manager, brand manager & public relations manager. Any company who does not have a personnel in charge of marketing are welcome to attend this course METHODOLOGY Lecture / Case Study / Discussion INTRODUCTION Many small and medium enterprises do not really understand how to work with the media to generate buzz and publicity. They often have a misconception that media publicity is exclusive to big companies having a huge budget to hire public relations specialists who provide strategic counsel. Media relation is both an art and a science. Knowing your basics and adding some creativity and flair will produce an effective pitch. Non-PR managers and business owners can be equally effective in generating publicity once they understand how to work with the mass media.