Master of science technopreneurship & innovation programme


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Master of science technopreneurship & innovation programme

  1. 1. Fees reneurship Programme” Programme Fee SGD 48,000 Application Fee SINGAPORE SGD 53.50 “A Revolutionary Entrep Programme Fee includes the following: 1. Tuition, Student Card, Examination, Computer, Copyright and Amenities. 2. Instructional materials: teaching cases and simulation software user licences. 3. Overseas Immersion Programme: • Return economy class airfare to the U.S. • Accommodation • Stanford University Seminars • Corporate visits CHINA* A note to international students: the programme fee does not include accommodation and living expenses in Singapore. MAKE A MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCE TO HUMANITY through our master programme in entrepreneurship MSc TIP US Master of Science Technopreneurship & Innovation Programme Scholarship / Financial Assistance MSc TIP is one of the programmes supported by SPRING Singapore under the Capability Development Grant (CDG). Successful applicants from local SMEs will receive up to 70% subsidy grant from SPRING Singapore. In addition, enrolled MSc TIP participants can apply for scholarship or financial assistance, based on academic competence, entrepreneurship or innovation capabilities, leadership abilities and financial needs. Interested candidates can contact the MSc TIP programme administrator for more information. SINGAPORE Application To download the application form, please log on to: To apply online, please visit: Contact Information *Optional Rakesh Kilaru Manager-Operations, Amareswara Agri Tech Ltd “Since my completion of MSc TIP, I have been looking after the overall operation of my family business. Thanks to MSc TIP, we have come up with innovative marketing strategies to replace the conventional one in Central India. This led to a tremendous increase in the market share of our product. We surpassed our customers’ expectations and achieved good brand equity.” Tang Shiuh Huei Co-founder of S H Tang & Associates LLP, a Certified Public Accountant firm in Singapore “MSc TIP helped me connect with my clients better and enabled my organisation to be customercentric without compromising on professionalism and the rigorous legislative requirement of the accounting profession. Employing the systemic and technological innovations that were taught in the programme, I managed to deliver an otherwise traditional service in an innovative, effective and engaging manner to my clients.” Nanyang Technological University Nanyang Technopreneurship Center Research Techno Plaza, BorderX Block, 2nd Storey, 50 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637553 Tel: +65 6790 6675 Fax: +65 6792 0467 Email: | Website: @ 2013 Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang Technopreneurship Center (NTC). All rights reserved. * All information is correct at the time of print. NTC reserves the rights to make changes according to circumstances. International institutions that NTC collaborates with in various programmes and activities: European Forum for Entrepreneurship Research | Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation | International Council for Small Business | Shenzhen Institutes of Advance Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences | Stanford University | Tsinghua University | University of California, Berkeley Suksit Suvunditkul Yap Zhen Yang “MSc TIP comprised of entrepreneurship-focused classes, workshops, and networking events which altogether addressed my desire to sharpen my charisma and entrepreneurial sense as a business owner. I had a chance to learn beyond what is normally taught in a classroom.” “Throughout my working experiences, I have always dealt with the commercialisation of newly developed technologies. An entrepreneurship education like TIP provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge required throughout one’s entrepreneurial journey.” Deputy Managing Director, Deevana Patong Resort Spa Chief Operating Officer, Ecotherm Sdn Bhd
  2. 2. “DESIGNED FOR THE 21ST CENTURY GLOBAL ENTREPRENEUR” The MSc TIP is a unique programme that marries theory with practice. It emphasizes experiential learning and incorporates real business perspectives in its curriculum. The course is modelled after the new venture creation cycle, and covers issues at various stages of a start-up’s growth. Candidates have the opportunity to engage with various stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem throughout the programme, which includes an immersion trip to the U.S. and an optional China study trip. The MSc TIP has helped many graduates transform their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. “SINGAPORE SEGMENT” “US SEGMENT” “CHINA SEGMENT” (Optional) Through a unique pedagogy, which combines seminar-workshops, case analyses, role-playing, active interaction, share-learn-teach approaches and experiential learning processes, the programme engages your mind and inspires the entrepreneur in you. The U.S. is an economic powerhouse in the world and home to numerous technology start-ups. Participants are exposed to the American entrepreneurship ecosystem and get to interact with the various players, from technology owners and entrepreneurs to academics, incubators, investors and policy makers. As an emerging economy, China has become the second largest economy in the world with a fastest growing market for entrepreneurship and investment. MSc TIP participants may opt for a one-week China immersion stint to gain first-hand experience about the unique economic environment and business culture of China. Aerial view of NTU campus ABOUT NTU Established in 1955, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is globally recognised: • Ranked in the world’s top 100 universities annually since 2004 by QS World University Ranking • World’s 1st international Kauffman Campus outside the US MODULES AND COURSES Entrepreneurship & Business Planning ABOUT NTC Established in 2001, the Nanyang Technopreneurship Center (NTC) is one of Asia’s leading centres of excellence for technology entrepreneurship education—synergising with ever-evolving industries and technologies to develop entrepreneurial leaders with a global competitive edge. NURTURING A COMMUNITY OF PASSIONATE GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURS AND SPECIALIST TECHNOPRENEURS To achieve sustainable success in one’s entrepreneurial venture, one needs to be equipped with the 4 Ps – Purpose, Passion, Perseverance and Principles. A meaningful Purpose will help to strengthen and sustain one’s Passion, which is the love for what one does. Perseverance is critical for sustainability and against all odds. Principles is fundamental - any sustainable success must be built on trust and integrity – without which all else will fall apart. In NTC, we encourage students to “Make a Meaningful Difference to Humanity” through entrepreneurship and we welcome you to the community of passionate Nanyang Technopreneurs. Associate Professor Hooi Den Huan Director Nanyang Technopreneurship Center Strategic Management for New Ventures & Technology Firms Focuses on equipping candidates with knowledge and tools including business plan development and start-up planning that generate and translate entrepreneurial ideas into successful enterprises. Explore strategic tools and priorities with which entrepreneurs create and sustain a competitive advantage in today’s challenging and complex business environment. New Venture & Entrepreneurial Marketing Key entrepreneurial marketing concepts and methods are imparted along with sophisticated marketing approaches and practical guidance on their application in entrepreneurial situations. Intellectual Property & Technology Evaluation & Commercialisation Investigates models and tools for effective management of an organisation’s Intellectual Property (IP), including patents, copyright, trade secret, etc. with emphasis on the identification of appropriate options and methods for organisations to protect and exploit their investments in developing IP. Venture Capital Financing Explore high-risk financing from entrepreneurial and venture capitalists’ perspectives and learn financing strategies for different stages of the venture lifecycle. Accounting for New & Ongoing Ventures Introduces candidate to entrepreneurial accounting and provides them with a preliminary tool to survive as an entrepreneur. Strategic Human Resource Management for New & Ongoing Ventures Technology, Innovation & Design Focuses on how start-up companies manage the process of innovation for sustainable competitive advantage. Topics discussed: • Creativity, knowledge and skills • Working environment and infrastructure required for innovation • Generation and evaluation of ideas in product development process • Management of innovations leading to technology commercialisation • Needs identification and product specifications Focuses on people management related challenges and considerations and discusses practical management methods and techniques in entrepreneurial context. Seminars on Special Topics in Technopreneurship Distinguished industry speakers and faculty experts take participants through specialised topics relating to technopreneurship and innovation. New Venture Creation: Implementing Business Strategy & Managing Growth (Simulation) Participants work in teams to run a simulated start-up company for three years in a realistic global business setting - working with guidance from instructors and/or mentors to assume top management roles, make business decisions and manage business operations. Developing New Business Models Participants will form “venture teams” to evaluate IP positions and develop business concepts for “patented” emerging technologies available for venture creation from a “technology menu” consisting of technologies created by the Nanyang Technological University, Agency for Science, Technology Transfer Network (TTN) or other institutions/organisations. Sustainable Leadership & Strategy Innovation The essence of leadership including models, traits, skills and ability, concept of strategy innovation in contrast with product or technology innovation and the concept of business design innovation are introduced in-depth to develop in the students the leadership capacity; analytical skills and knowledge of leading organisational change and conducting a business redesign based on changing customer priorities. Corporate Finance & Merger & Acquisition Study the principles of financial management in the analysis of corporate financial problems in ongoing ventures. This includes equity and debt financing, managing corporate growth, free cash flow, risk management, international corporate finance and real options. Entrepreneurship Case Study Project Participants are required to undertake an entrepreneurial case writing project where they will prescribe teaching objectives to the case and propose answers to strategic questions.